Local Artist Series

Local Artist Series This month, Rev Clinics launched our Local Artist Series. Like medicating with cannabis, creating artwork can be a very therapeutic practice. Rev Clinics promotes both with its local artist series. […]

Medical Marijuana Edibles

As the push for legal medical marijuana sweeps the nation, an increasing number of people are turning to cannabis to provide pain relief, help them sleep, or feel more relaxed […]

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis is available for consumption in a variety of forms, but one method that is becoming more popular is the use of cannabis concentrates. “Concentrates” is an umbrella term that […]

Can CBD be Used to Treat ADHD?

Is There Any Evidence to Show CBD Treatment for ADHD Works? In the long history of studying ADHD treatments, cannabidiol has come to the forefront. This oil, more commonly called […]

Cannabis for Chronic Pain

There are 325 million people in the United States and according to the American Academy of Pain Management, over 100 million of them suffer from chronic pain. If you’re one […]