How THC Potency Has Changed Over Time

Anyone involved in the world of cannabis has heard of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Weed with high THC levels boasts stronger psychoactive effects for cannabis users. In fact, THC is the main […]

Benefits of Growing Cannabis at Home

For many years, weed enthusiasts have grown their own cannabis — and for good reason! Growing weed at home has a wide range of benefits that make cannabis cultivation an […]

Have a Great 420, Homegrown Style

As a Boston weed dispensary that delivers marijuana around the state, we at Rev love living in this amazing, revolutionary state. We also love cannabis, and our favorite holiday is […]

How to Grow Cannabis At Home

Wondering how to grow weed at home? With a Pot for Pot grow kits, you can grow auto-flowering cannabis — also called by its scientific name, cannabis ruderalis. Every grow […]