Spotlight On a Pot for Pot Grow Kits!

Spotlight On a Pot for Pot Grow Kits!

Do you want to try growing cannabis at home, but not sure where to start? Are you interested in learning more about the cannabis plant itself and the weed harvesting process?

With a Pot for Pot, you can grow weed at home and discover how people have reaped the healing benefits of the cannabis plant. And when you shop at Rev, you’ll receive a discount for a Pot for Pot grow kits! Keep reading to learn more about a Pot for Pot and their incredible grow kits.


a Pot for Pot: a History


Joshua Mezher, founder of a Pot for Pot, has deep roots in Rev’s history — he and Alex Pryor, Head of Cultivation at Rev, connected over cannabis nearly 10 years ago. “I met Alex when I was growing weed in my basement, which is where it all started,” Joshua tells us. 

Joshua began his business by growing auto-flowering cannabis, also known as cannabis ruderalis. His business grew bigger and bigger, but as cannabis became legalized the regulations came rolling in. With this change, Joshua and his business partner spotted a new opportunity.

“We went, ‘Well, how about we just empower people to learn how to grow their own weed?’” Joshua says. “It seemed quite obvious at the time.” Soon afterwards, a Pot for Pot was born!


Why Cannabis Ruderalis?


a Pot for Pot cannabis grow kits are designed for growing cannabis ruderalis, which is different from cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and hybrids between them. Cannabis ruderalis is an automatic flowering cannabis, which means it grows cannabis buds on its own.

Cannabis indica, sativa, and hybrids — the cannabis we mostly produce and ingest — require a 12:12 light cycle (12 hours of darkness, 12 hours of light) in order to flower and produce cannabis buds. Instead of needing a 12:12 light cycle, cannabis ruderalis only needs natural sunlight to flower. Ruderalis is also more durable, hardy, and slightly smaller than sativa or indica cannabis plants.

Using cannabis ruderalis makes a Pot for Pot grow kits an easy entry for first-time growers. “We really wanted to make cannabis growing a fun experience, something weed consumers and lovers of the cannabis plant can enjoy,” says Joshua. a Pot for Pot enables anyone to learn more about the cannabis growing and preparation process, then further focus on the art of cultivation if they choose to do so.


How does a Pot for Pot grow cannabis?


Many people think of growing cannabis as an expensive and intensive endeavor, but this isn’t the case with a Pot for Pot grow kits. “You don’t need a tent, light cycle, three-part nutrient regime and pH monitoring, or anything like that with a Pot for Pot,” Joshua explains. All you need to grow cannabis with a Pot for Pot is a good amount of sun and proper watering.

This is because a Pot for Pot grow kits have all the nutrients necessary for cannabis growth already in the soil! There are 28 different ingredients in a Pot for Pot soil, formulated specifically for the cannabis plant. Since unchlorinated water will harm the mycelium and other beneficial bacteria present in the soil, growers should always water cannabis with chlorinated water.

Along with adding the right kind of water, cannabis growers should avoid overwatering — a common mistake first-time growers make. However, your cannabis plant definitely won’t suffer from too much sunlight. “A little sun goes a long way,” Joshua tells us, “and we encourage people to grow with the sun.”

a Pot for Pot offers cannabis grow kits in four sizes:

  1. Mini — Joshua describes this half-gallon kit as a beautiful desk plant that happens to grow cannabis. When cared for properly, this small plant will reap around 14-28 grams of cannabis.
  2. Small — This two-gallon grow kit is best for a sunny window spot, and will give growers up to 4 ounces of cannabis when cared for correctly.
  3. Medium — This five-gallon grow kit is more suited for a garden or a balcony, and when cared for properly will produce up to 8 ounces of cannabis.
  4. Large — This massive 35 gallon kit is designed to grow regular cannabis seeds (photoflower) instead of autoflowering cannabis, and can give experienced growers over one pound of cannabis under the right conditions.

Sunlight warms up the leaf temperature for the Mini and Small pots, meaning these plants can be maintained at room temperature when supplied with plenty of sunlight. Joshua keeps a desk lamp over his Mini desk plant to help support its growth, but you don’t have to. “Essentially, no matter what the light cycle is,” he says, “cannabis ruderalis will bloom and mature into a fully flowering plant within 80 days from seed.”


What’s in a Pot for Pot cannabis growing kit?


a Pot for Pot grow kits come with everything you need to grow a cannabis ruderalis plant to harvest, except the seed itself and the sun. When you order your a Pot for Pot, you’ll receive:

  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • Trimming scissors
  • Fabric pot and drain saucer
  • Neem oil and dish soap for an anti-pest spray
  • Seed germination Jiffy pellet
  • Grow Guide
  • And more!

a Pot for Pot grow kits also come with a coupon for an Amsterdam seed company that distributes cannabis ruderalis seeds — but you can always source your own, and grow the strains that work best for your healing purposes and medicinal goals. In this way, a Pot for Pot empowers first-time growers to grow, harvest, and truly get to know their own medicine.

Order a Pot for Pot with Rev


If you’re interested in growing weed with a Pot for Pot, we recommend starting sooner rather than later! Cannabis ruderalis will grow great anywhere, any time of year — but the best time to start growing, especially for beginners, is in the spring and summer. “Plus, expect a bigger harvest during this time!” Joshua adds.

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