Community Outreach

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries located in Massachusetts

Our Commitment To Community Outreach

Through every one of our Massachusetts dispensary locations, Rev aims to use our position in the cannabis industry to promote a safe, regulated, and properly taxed business that benefits the towns in which we reside. In the process, we aspire to be a good business, neighbor, and member of these communities.


As we continue to grow, we promise Rev’s support for all our resident communities will grow in tandem. Rev is a dispensary in Massachusetts striving to foster positive change throughout the Commonwealth.

Somerville Community Outreach

At Rev, we do more than support weed acceptance in Somerville and offer Somerville residents a safe place to buy high-quality bud. As an active resident of Somerville ourselves, Rev contributes a large amount in taxes and fees every year. We also make yearly donations and sponsorships to local Somerville initiatives, including East Somerville Main Streets and East Somerville’s “Meals of Fortune” program.


Rev also participates in the Somerville Substance Abuse Prevention program, holding monthly meetings to brainstorm how best to use tax dollars generated by the MMJ businesses in the city to prevent substance abuse. We are also actively addressing the damage to communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs through financial investments, mentorship programs, and other CSR initiatives.


Through our beautiful Somerville dispensary, Rev supports job creation in the community. We also try to employ Somerville residents as often as possible, a trend mirrored in all Rev locations. Along with bringing high-end medical cannabis to the residents of Somerville, we hope to host weekly in-person and virtual events educating seniors, Vets, mothers and other groups on how to use medical marijuana safely at our Somerville dispensary location — helping people buy weed in Somerville and use it for true healing.


Learn more about our dedication to the Somerville community by viewing our presentation.

Leominster Community Outreach

Rev is currently working on building a new location in Leominster, MA. This is an especially meaningful project to us, as one of Rev’s co-founders was born and raised in the Leominster area! It is truly special that we can give local residents a safe, fairly-taxed storefront to buy weed in Leominster.

Our new Leominster Rev location is designed to adjust to the community, not the other way around. That means we truly aim for this project to have no negative impacts on Leominster residential areas and the surrounding community. We do hope this Leominster dispensary brings about positive change within the community — starting by hiring local Leominster residents, mirroring the hiring practices in our other dispensaries in Massachusetts.

Rev plans to support the Leominster community through donations and volunteer work plus partnerships with local health officials, educators, and leaders in local economic development. We also plan to maximize fee and tax revenues through a 3% Host Community Fee. Another goal is to bring Leominster residents a high-tech, environmentally friendly weed dispensary storefront that uses clean energy systems like solar panels and rain-collection vessels.

Learn more about our storefront development and community service initiatives in Leominster by viewing our presentation.