Making chocolate is an art form — and the best chocolate is made at the source. With Republica del Cacao, locally-made Ecuadorian chocolate is now available for chocolate fans around the world. A business that crosses cultures and borders, Republica del Cacao is helping to keep chocolate production within Ecuadorian communities where cacao is farmed.

At Rev, we’re excited to highlight our partnership with Republica del Cacao through our i am edible chocolate bar line. With chocolate that’s locally sourced and processed in Ecuador, Rev patients can get tasty edibles that aren’t just high-quality — they’re good for your conscience, too. 


Republica del Cacao: Chocolate with a purpose 


To discuss Rev’s collaboration with the community-focused brand, we spoke with Philippe Bongrain — chocolate enthusiast and COO of Republica del Cacao. Philippe emphasized how Republica del Cacao is more than just a natural chocolate company. “We start by saying that we’re chocolate with a purpose,” he explained. “Republica del Cacao makes a positive impact in ways that are economical, environmental, and social. How can we not only make good chocolate, but also have a positive impact as a business?”

Republica del Cacao began in 2007, the year two Ecuadorian brothers traveled to France. In Paris, they came across a delicious and popular chocolate called Guayaquil — the largest city in their home country. They wondered: how can Ecuador export so much fine cacao all over the world, but not keep chocolate-making facilities in their own country? 

That’s when the seed of Republica del Cacao was planted. Later, in 2012, Philippe and the Republica del Cacao team partnered with these Ecuadorian businessmen to create the Republica del Cacao of today. Now, Republica del Cacao is sold in boutiques and premium supermarkets throughout Ecuador, as well as other travel destination countries. Republica del Cacao chocolate is even duty-free in some airports.  


Keeping jobs in Ecuadorian communities


So, what exactly makes Republica del Cacao “chocolate with a purpose”? With multiple parts of its supply chain in Ecuador, Republica del Cacao is fostering economic growth in Ecuadorian communities. It’s a company that brings together Ecuadorian farmers and entrepreneurs, in partnership with chocolate lovers in France. With its socially conscious business model, Republica del Cacao creates economically sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 

Throughout Ecuador, Republica del Cacao is creating jobs and driving growth. Republica del Cacao has its central offices and factory in Quito, the capital. The smaller city of Vinces is home to Republica del Cacao’s Centro de Acopio Cacao (the cacao collection center). Using the latest technology from Verona — Republica del Cacao’s French partner company — Ecuadorian chocolate production can become more efficient and more profitable for local producers. 

Aside from building local business, Republica del Cacao is consistently investing in communities throughout Ecuador. “Working as a farmer in cacao is a tough job,” Philippe told us. “We know that firsthand. One of our goals is to make it more enjoyable for the farmers, and to improve their way of life.” 

To improve the quality of life of Ecuador’s cacao farmers, Republica del Cacao is putting in the work. Republica del Cacao pays premium prices to Ecuadorian producers, maintains continuity, contributes to education initiatives, and uses sustainable farming methods. Other ingredients in the chocolate are made in Ecuador, too — milk and panela (raw sugar) are also locally sourced. Even the corn used to roast Republica del Cacao’s white chocolate is produced just 30 minutes away from headquarters.


Looking ahead with Republica del Cacao


With a growing interest in Republica del Cacao’s delicious chocolate, the business is growing in exciting new directions. Philippe told us about several new projects — including a new roasting line and a corresponding new building in Ecuador with state-of-the-art technologies. Republica del Cacao also continues to contribute to the local economy with new capital projects, like investing in local offices for administrative work.

And, as always, Republica del Cacao is making new and exciting types of chocolate. “We’re exploring the possibility of providing different formats for chocolate. Some ideas include chunks, chips, and logs. We’re not equipped to make these formats locally in our own factory, so we’re looking ahead to potential partners.”


The dream team: Rev Clinics and Republica del Cacao


Republica del Cacao isn’t your average chocolate company — and Rev Clinics isn’t your average Massachusetts cannabis product manufacturer. In fact, Rev and Republica del Cacao have a lot in common. “When you’re this excited about your work,” Philippe described, “it doesn’t feel like work anymore. It’s your passion.”

Both Republica del Cacao and Rev share this core work ethic. At Rev, we are a team of cannabis enthusiasts with a passion for our craft — and our customers can sense this passion in the quality of our work. The best chocolate is made by true chocolate lovers, and the best cannabis products are made by true canna-connoisseurs. As your favorite producer in Massachusetts, Rev Clinics is committed to providing delicious edibles with a positive social impact. 

In collaboration with Republica del Cacao, i am edible bridges the gap between high-quality chocolate and high-quality cannabis. We’re excited for our partnership with Republica del Cacao to continue to grow as we expand our selection of edibles!

Check out our Rev product encyclopedia for more information on i am edible chocolates. We also deliver cannabis to patients in the Boston metro area and offer convenient options for online purchasing. Together, Rev Clinics and Republica del Cacao are working to make the best edibles with a positive impact.