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How To Get Marijuana Delivery in Lynnfield, MA

Lynnfield, MA – The North Shore Realty Group

Why can’t you get Marijuana in Lynnfield, MA?

If you live in Lynnfield and are frustrated by the fact that recreational marijuana is legal throughout Massachusetts but it’s illegal in your home town, here’s the reason why. In 2016, the state of Massachusetts did indeed vote to legalize recreational cannabis. There was just one problem. The way The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative granted every city and town in the state the ability to accept or reject Ballot Question 4.

Citing the results of the statewide election where Lynnfield residents voted against the legalization of recreational marijuana by a margin of 4,572 to 3,030; Lynnfield’s local government sought the powers granted to them by House Bill 3818. This bill allowed cities and towns to “implement reasonable safeguards on the operation of marijuana establishments through local bylaws and ordinances, or to impose an outright ban. This bill did not require a second local vote, so Lynnfield’s Board of Selectman chose to honor the will of the majority by banning recreational cannabis shops in Lynnfield.

So how do you get Marijuana in Lynnfield, MA?

While Lynnfield residents are unable to shop at recreational marijuana stores in their town, we at Revolutionary Clinics are able to deliver medical marijuana to their homes. Since we are a medical marijuana dispensary, Lynnfield residents with a qualifying medical condition can apply for a Massachusetts MMJ card. Once you have your card, you can order cannabis products online whenever you want and our friendly staff will deliver your medicine to your door when it’s most convenient for you!