How To Get Marijuana Delivery in Stoneham, MA

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Why can’t you get Marijuana in Stoneham, MA?

With 53% of registered Stoneham voters choosing not to allow recreational marijuana to be sold in the State of Massachusetts in the 2016 election, the issue faced a tough battle in 2018 when it came to a town vote. By a margin of 289-112, the residents of Stoneham voted to prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana in their neighborhood. There has been no further discussion about re-introducing adult use cannabis in Stoneham so the odds of a shop opening anytime soon there appear very slim.

So how do you get Marijuana in Stoneham, MA?

Stoneham residents may not be able to purchase recreational marijuana in their home town, but they can receive deliveries of medical cannabis without leaving their homes. Check out the complete list of qualifying medical conditions for a Massachusetts MMJ card and then complete an application through the Massachusetts Initial Access Program. This program will fast-track Stoneham residents so that they can order medical marijuana online from dispensaries like Revolutionary Clinics who will deliver cannabis in child-proof containers to your door.