How To Get Marijuana Delivery in Woburn, MA

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Why can’t you get Marijuana in Woburn, MA?

Here in Massachusetts, laws exist at both the state and local level. Some state laws have room for local interpretation. Back in 2016, The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Ballot Question Number 4 had just such a provision. While the state of Massachusetts voted in favor of legalizing the sale of recreational cannabis, 50.7% of the voters in Woburn voted against the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Instead of putting the issue to a city-wide vote, in 2017 the Woburn Planning Commission sided with the City Council in their decision to “honor the will of the voters” and banned the sale of recreational marijuana in Woburn.

So how do you get Marijuana in Woburn, MA?

Fortunately for Woburn residents, Revolutionary Clinics delivers medical marijuana to Woburn, MA. All you need is an Massachusetts MMJ card which can be easily acquired through Massachusetts’ Initial Access Program. Once you have your Massachusetts MMJ card, simply visit Revolutionary Clinics online ordering system and schedule a delivery to your door!