Casey Jones


What’s the first question you ask:

What symptoms and conditions are you treating?

What’s the second question:

What time of day are you treating which symptoms? (I like to tailor the medicine to treat symptoms specific to the time of day and activities of the patient.)

What’s the biggest misconception people have:

Patients are surprised to find out how many “low-dose” and non-psychoactive treatments are available for treating pain and anxiety and sleep issues. When patients find out they can treat their pain and anxiety without being “high,” it’s a game changer!

What really makes your day:

When a patient reports how our cannabis solutions helped them eliminate opiates from their pain management. Also when a patient returns with a success story about a strain or delivery.

Favorite Strain:

Gorilla Glue #4… and a favorite trick: I use Gorilla Glue as a “salad” ingredient when using other strains (eg, Sativa’s) to “add body” and create a richer experience.


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