Our Somerville location is now serving both Adult-Use (21+) and Medical customers!

For Adult-Use, please use our “Somerville Rec” menu to place an order online for pick-up and use the entrance to the left, under the “Rev Cannabis” sign!





What’s the first question you ask:

How is your day going?

What’s the second question:

Do you prefer an indica or sativa?

What is the biggest misconception people have:

They should eat 4 more brownies because they can’t yet feel the first one. Yikes! Go low and slow.

What really makes your day:

When a patient tells me how they fit cannabis into their healthy workout routine to really put an end to the lazy stoner stereotype.

Favorite Strain:

Lemon Meringue! I love the energy this strain gives me. It’s perfect with a morning cup of coffee.


I’m really into being present in the moment and practicing mindfulness, so my motto is simply: be here.