Our Somerville location is now serving both Adult-Use (21+) and Medical customers!

For Adult-Use, please use our “Somerville Rec” menu to place an order online for pick-up and use the entrance to the left, under the “Rev Cannabis” sign!





What is the first question you ask a new patient:

I always ask my patients how their day is going. I think its important to establish how people are feeling before continuing any conversation. 

What is the second question:

My second question is usually. “what are you looking to grab today?” A lot of patients know exactly what they want, but for the ones who don’t they have no problem asking me for help or recommendations. 

What is the biggest misconception people have:

lot of new patients have the misconception that our products are going to have them “zonked out” and they will become addicts. 100% false! 

What really makes your day:

The best part of my day is when I have a returning patient who tells me what I recommended to them helped out. I love making peoples day better! 


My philosophy on helping patients is being a positive energy and making our patients leave with a smile

Favorite Strain:

Anything from the cookie lineage. Girl Scout Cookie is standing out to me the most right now because it is nice and relaxing but still very uplifting and social.