Our Somerville location is now serving both Adult-Use (21+) and Medical customers!

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About Kief

Kief is the sift or pollen that is often found at the bottom of a Flower grinder. While Kief contains some residual organic plant material from Cannabis buds, it is mostly comprised of the sticky crystal like tricomes (or hairs) that contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. Suggested uses: Most Common: Supercharge a bowl or a pre-roll, or use a Pollen Press to compress it into your own homemade hash. Extra Credit: Make Moon Rocks by coating some buds in Cannabis Distillate Oil and then rolling them in Kief, or make a “Gorilla Finger” using the same technique as Moon Rocks but with a pre-roll instead of a bud.

  • Hybrid 50S/50I
  • House Blend
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