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Omura Series X (Gold)

About Omura Series X (Gold)

The Omura Series X is a first of its kind whole flower vaporizer. The new Series X has a dual heat source oven inside. The oven uses Heat-not-Burn technology to gently heat the whole flower through a patented heat curve. These components are housed in a slim design by award winning industrial designer Michael Young, offering one of the smallest and technically sophisticated heat-not-burn devices in the market. The device comes with a matching charging base that is designed to be displayed in your home.

Omura is a first of its kind heat-not-burn device revolutionizing whole flower consumption with pre-dosed whole flower sticks. Heat-Not-Burn technology delivers minimal vapor and a full terpene taste profile with no burning, charring, smoke, ash, and minimal lingering odor.

Heat-Not-Burn: The Omura Series X vaporized 99% of all cannabinoids without burning, charring, or ashing. Tested at SC Labs.

The Series X includes a sleek USBC charging base created for ease of use and accessibility, anywhere inside your home.

100% Whole Flower: No trim or chemicals additives. Only 100% full spectrum hemp flower in every Flowerstick for the purest experience.

Sustainable: All Flowersticks are biodegradable and compostable using our certified rainforest-safe paper.

Precision Dose: The pre-filled Flowerstick and timed 3-minute session gives you a controlled lift you can rely on.

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