Rev Access Card

About Rev Access Card

Only $99! Your membership gives you access to all sorts of fun perks and discounts at Rev Clinics and around town. Benefits include:

  • A GRAM OF FLOWER of your choice (or the equivalent discount) for 12 straight months. A $180 value!
  • FREE HOME DELIVERY on all Rev Clinics delivery orders
  • A METAL “REV ACCESS” MEMBERSHIP CARD with a built-in flower grinder
  • EVERYDAY DISCOUNTS from our Rev Access partners:
    • 20% OFF select glass at BOSTON SMOKE SHOP
    • 20% OFF all full price items HILTON’S TENT CITY
    • 10% OFF all food at RED BONES BBQ
    • 10% OFF all food at VINNY’S RISTORANTE
    • More partners to be added over time = more fun discounts around town
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