Rev Sleep Month

Rev Sleep Month

420 has come and gone and I think we all can agree we need some rest. That’s why May is Sleep Month at Rev! Unwind with some of our most notable products and catch some Z’s in the best possible way. Relax your body, mind, and soul with some of our Featured products:

Mr. Moxey’s Mints: Cinnamon Relax – Dial back the recliner, pause and take it all in. Handcrafted in small batches with a unique botanical blend of linden blossom and hops flowers, Mr. Moxey’s Relaxing Mints are at your service to put you in fine fettle. 5mg THC each.



Astaria Vape Cartridge: Astaria’s 4:2:1, THC:CBD:CBN formula targets the underlying issues that limit sleep – including physical discomfort, anxiety, and sleeplessness – by delivering psychoactive pain relieving THC, inflammation and anxiety fighting CBD, and sleep inducing CBN. Consumers report falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, and feeling more rested.


Levia Dream Seltzer: Smooth out the corners of your day. One-up your couch game. LEVIA & Chill with LEVIA Dream Indica blend for that peaceful, easy feeling. Sugar free and 0 calories!

MXR Sleep Tincture: Sleep is something we can’t live without, and so is this dreamy potion. THC combined with CBN makes this tincture a must have for restless nights staring at the alarm clock. Packed with Ylang Ylang, lavender essential oil, and a Blue Dream strain profile, there’s no better way to get some shut-eye.


Topicas Lavender Massage Oil: Topicas provides temporary relief from soreness, discomfort, and inflammation without the cerebral effects of consuming cannabis. Crafted with a comprehensive approach to total health, these topicals use essential hemp seed and sweet almond oils to nourish and pamper the skin.



Afghani Purps is as close to a landrace indica as one can kind find. Patients report Afghani Purps is that of a true indica, great for appetite stimulation, reducing pain from inflammation, and helping the user get to sleep. An amazing strain to help wind down and end the day.


Revolutionize Your Rest & Relaxation: Rev Clinics adaptable outline to getting Better Sleep.

Featuring cannabis product knowledge, tips to help decompress, and ideas to get more out of each night of rest.

Cannabis Products

1. Cannabis might be helpful! It is not a miracle plant, but THC, CBD (or a blend of the two), as well as CBN can be used as tools for relaxation, pain relief, and restful sleep. (Products: MXR Sleep tincture and Astaria Sleep vape cartridge)

2. Start Low Go Slow – Don’t try to knock yourself out with one punch. Cannabis products can take time to kick in, especially edibles. Sedative effects of cannabis often kick in after a longer period of time, so don’t rush it.

3. Go for something on the Indica side, full spectrum if you can find it. THC distillate may be sedating for some patients but often the Indica terpenes coupled with THC allow for an enhanced effect due to the entourage effect. (Products: Levia Dream, Mr. Moxey’s Mints: Relaxing Cinnamon)

4. THC/CBD massage oil or shea butter topicals can help you relax your sore muscles and joints while also providing a soothing scent like lavender to trigger relaxation in your mind. (Product: 1:1 Lavender Massage Oil or Lavender Shea Butter)

Getting More out of Each Night

1. Technology is a major culprit in helping deter us from sleep. Shutting off screens, computer, television, phone, etc., an hour or more before bed can be instrumental in allowing your mind to relax and prepare for restful sleep.

2. Calming music/ sounds /meditation can put you in the right state of relaxation at bedtime. If you can clear your mind of the stress of the day, focus on calming music or even nature sounds (like thunderstorms or ocean waves), then you are inviting your body and mind to rest.

3. Find your routine – Once you have had the opportunity to experiment with different products, try to find a routine that works well for you. Having a set nighttime routine, including how you medicate, can help your body and mind prepare for bed.

Tips to Decompress

1. Do what makes you happy. If living in a global pandemic for the past year has taught us anything at all, it is that life is short. Do the things that bring you peace and joy, which helps your overall health, mentally and physically.

2. Be kind to yourself and others. We all need a little grace while facing our daily challenges. You never know what is going on in another person’s life so try to be kind, and extend that kindness to yourself. We are all doing the best we can.

3. Try to take one day at a time.