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You’ve just received a medical cannabis referral from your doctor and registered with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program — now what? While a trip to your local dispensary may seem like the easiest step, there are a lot of questions to consider when searching for the right product: what cannabis strain is most effective in treating your health symptoms? Which consumption method fits your lifestyle and personal preferences? What dosage is sufficient for your day-to-day needs or medical flare-ups?

The good news is that consultants are available at dispensaries to help make your shopping experience less overwhelming. But if you want to make the most of what your local MA dispensary has to offer, it helps to come prepared. Here are three things to do when searching for the right cannabis treatment for you.


1. Know what you know (and what you don’t!)


Take some time to sit down and reflect on what you know about your treatment options. Do you understand your prescribed dosage and how that translates over to the potency of dispensary products? Are there any “facts” about cannabis you know that may actually be false stereotypes? Is there anything you don’t know about cannabis that you want to learn more about? Understanding key information such as types of cannabis strains and their unique effects, consumption methods and how they affect rates of relief, and MA cannabis use and possession laws will make it easier to ask the right questions while at a dispensary in Massachusetts.

After selecting a product, journal its effects on your mood, energy, and most importantly, your health symptoms. If you’re not responding well to a certain treatment option, don’t be afraid to let your local dispensary consultant know! They’re there to help you tailor your cannabis regimen to enhance your quality of life, not add further discomfort.


2. Don’t let stigma get in the way of what you need


Even with a stamp of medical approval, cannabis can still feel taboo, especially for new users. It’s important to remind yourself that you’re investing in a natural form of medicine that will offer you the relief you’ve been seeking. Plus, many people in your same position are choosing cannabis over traditional prescription drugs that can cause a slew of unwanted (and sometimes debilitating) side effects. Medical cannabis is gaining more traction with each passing day, which means the stigma surrounding its use will soon fade. So put your health first and explore all your options shame-free — otherwise, you might miss out on a remedy that could be life-changing.


3. Get advice from budtenders


Cannabis clinicians and dispensary staff members know everything there is to know about cannabis. From emerging strains and hybrid mixes to the latest medical research and laws surrounding cannabis’s use, budtenders have valuable knowledge and extensive experience crafting treatments for various health symptoms — and they’re itching to share them with you! Igniting conversations about cannabis with local vendors helps squash stereotypes, reduce stigma, and give you the insight needed to better understand this humble plant’s potential to manage symptoms without any addictive chemicals or miserable side effects.

If you need help finding the best cannabis concoction for your unique health needs, Rev has three Boston-area dispensaries with knowledgeable consultants ready to help you feel like yourself again. Schedule a free virtual consultation with our very own “CannaMom” and award-winning budtender, Barbara Van Hoosen. And for added support when purchasing products, you can visit us at our Fresh Pond, Central Square, or Somerville location — we’re here for you when you need us.


Your journey to relief starts here


Rev Clinics is home to a comprehensive catalog of cannabis products — whether you prefer to indulge in our infused chocolate bars or wallow in the delicious taste of our fruity vapors, we have options of varying dosage amounts, THC and CBD composition, and consumption methods to best align with your day-to-day life and symptom management plan.

To explore our full inventory list of products, feel free to check out our product encyclopedia. As mentioned, feel free to visit us either virtually or in person! Take charge of your health, and know that we’re right around the corner to help you every step of the way.