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Stepping into a medical cannabis dispensary can be an overwhelming experience for both new and veteran patients. Between shelves of delicious edibles, classic joints, bubbly seltzers, topical lotions, and sleek cartridges, choosing the right cannabis concoction and consumption method that best suits your health needs can quickly become a loaded task.

If you’re still undecided, try looking into cannabis vape cartridges. Portable, easy to use, and highly customizable, cannabis cartridges have become a popular choice among patients wanting to enjoy the benefits of THC or CBD through inhalation — without the risks associated with smoke or having to masquerade its lingering smell. In this guide, we’ll teach you the essentials of vape cartridges to help you determine if it’s the perfect match for your lifestyle and wellness needs.


What are cannabis vape cartridges?


Although their names are often used interchangeably, “vape cartridges” are not the same as “vape pens.” Cannabis cartridges consist of a liquid concentrate of purified cannabis compounds that you insert into a handheld vaporizing device. On the other hand, vape pens consist of the entire handheld apparatus and all the components that make it work: from the battery and heating coil to the vape cartridge and mouthpiece.

Cartridges differ in flavor, chemical composition, and purification level. For example, there are CO2 vape cartridges, which get their chemical potency from a technique that heats, compresses, and condenses liquid carbon dioxide to draw out the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant; and there are distillate vape cartridges that take this final product and purify the concentrate further to remove all plant matter for a more refined vaping experience.

Since these extraction methods allow clinicians to isolate specific cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant, vape cartridges can be customized to treat various health problems, such as insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea. For instance, CBD vape cartridges can be used to mellow and soothe the body during episodic ailments like inflammation and migraines without the psychoactive effects, while THC-infused cartridges provide euphoric relief from symptoms often associated with chronic conditions. With so many cannabis cartridge options available, vaping offers a highly personal and unique experience that checks off most patients’ health goals.


How do cannabis cartridges work?


Turning any liquid cannabis concentrate into vapor requires — you guessed it — heat. Unlike traditional blunts or pipes that rely on combustion to create breathable smoke, cannabis-infused vape pens rely on batteries and a conduction coil to heat the liquid cannabis compounds at a steady, lower temperature, resulting in a delicate mist that’s inhaled.

Since cannabis concentrates are not burned but heated, the cannabinoids and terpenes within the cartridge are activated for better potency and smoother inhalation.


Benefits of using cannabis vape cartridges


Compared to other methods of cannabis consumption, vaping offers almost instantaneous results. Plus, the heated cannabis cartridges never burn, so you can rest assured that every inhale will deliver a potent dose of relieving medication with a satisfying flavor profile. It also may be a better alternative to smoking ground cannabis out of a pipe or joint — a process that involves the combustion of not only cannabis compounds, but plant matter and wraps used.

Vaping is also the best choice for discreetly consuming medical cannabis, especially for those living in rented spaces with smoking restrictions and those in social circles that may believe false stigmas associated with cannabis use. Unlike smoke from combustion, cannabis cartridges emit a sweet-smelling mist that’s far less pungent and pleasantly palatable. Plus, with a rechargeable battery available for most vaping devices, getting your regular dose of cannabis has never been more accessible at home or on the go.


Are cannabis cartridges safe to vape?


Unfortunately, vaping has garnered negative scrutiny after a slew of hospital cases in 2019 were linked to the use of vape products. Eventually, the CDC found that nearly all reported vape-related hospitalizations stemmed from products illicitly acquired from unregulated manufacturers. Additionally, many lung injuries were attributed to a buildup of Vitamin E acetate — a federally unapproved diluting agent that, when inhaled, solidifies into an oil state and coats pulmonary cells.

That being said, cannabis cartridges purchased from a well-reputed source undergo rigorous testing requirements to be sure they do not contain diluting agents and contaminants. Federally-compliant cannabis manufacturers and clinical dispensaries take great care in crafting concentrates and extracts that are clean, effective, and, most importantly, highly regulated for safety.

At Rev Clinics, we proudly produce high-quality vape cartridges using plants from locally-sourced cannabis farms and never fill our products with additives that are untested, potentially harmful, or do not align with government regulations. We believe that cannabis, in all its forms, should be treated like the medicine it is — untainted and left in its purest state.


Ease into vaping — the Rev way


If you’re ready to explore your vaping options, look no further than Rev Clinics. We carry a selection of the finest cannabis cartridges free from contaminants and packed full of power to give you the satisfying effects you crave.

Take a trip to paradise with Papi Moonshot vape cartridges, distilled to reach an 85% THC potency and flavored with fruity botanical terpenes that taste like your favorite Caribbean fruits! Or lift your spirits with Happy Day Labs Live Resin Vape Cartridges — strain-specific concentrates that deliver the full-spectrum effects of the cannabis flower with the characteristic herbal taste you love.

Still unsure if vaping is right for you? Talk to us today or visit us at one of our many locations to meet with our expert consultants ready to help you create a personalized regimen and get you feeling your best.