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Is vaping a better option for cannabis users?

Is vaping a better option for cannabis users?

There’s no right way to consume cannabis — there are lots of different approaches that can deliver the euphoria of a great strain. One of the most popular methods for cannabis intake is vaping, which delivers cannabinoids with high-temperature vapor.

Cannabis-curious people have lots of questions about vaping: is vaping bad for you? How does vaping work? What exactly is a “vape pen”? At Rev, we’re committed to educating clients on the ins and outs of cannabis consumption. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions people have about vaping, and learn why it’s such a popular way to consume cannabis.

How does vaping work?

The basic principle of vaping is quite simple: cannabis flower or oil is heated to turn the cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor. This vapor is then inhaled, leading to the healing effects we all know and love.

Temperature control is a key element in understanding how vaping works. If you’re just getting into vaping, you will most likely notice that your vaping device has multiple temperature settings. Temperature options are available because vaporizing the exact same cannabis product at different temperatures can lead to different flavors and sensations. Certain terpenes and cannabinoids are only effective at high temperatures, while others are released at lower temperature settings.

Aside from heat control, the effects of vaping are also dependent on your set and setting. Like other adaptogenic substances, set (your mindset/mood) and setting (your space/atmosphere) can affect your experience with cannabis.

Different ways to vape cannabis

There are lots of different types of vapes, but they generally fit into two categories: flower vaporizers and oil/concentrate vaporizers.

Flower vaporizers allow you to vaporize cannabis flower, finely ground using a cannabis grinder. You can gently pack ground flower into your vaporizer, and the heating device will be able to release cannabinoids and terpenes into the air. Flower vaporizers often come in the form of portable vaporizers, as well as table top vaporizers.

Oil/concentrate vapes use concentrated cannabis oil in a prefilled cartridge. With an oil vaporizer, you won’t need to go through the process of grinding and loading cannabis into your device. Vape pens are the most common way to vape cannabis oil, with added advantages including small size and discreet usage.

What makes vaping so popular?

It’s a simple question: why vape? After all, smoking cannabis or eating edibles can establish an effective experience.

The answer is that vaping has some unique advantages that other forms of cannabis consumption just don’t offer. These include:

  • Variable temperature control. With adjustable temperature dials, vapes offer multiple experiences for the exact same cannabis product. Many canna-connoisseurs enjoy experimenting with the effects of their favorite strains at different temperatures. Low-temperature vaping can also burn less harshly, making it easier on your lungs.
  • Safer for your lungs than smoking. Smoking any substance can lead to carcinogens, coughing, and other negative side effects created by a combusted substance. Vaping reduces all of these risks — and, as an added bonus, it might even lead to less teeth staining.
  • Better flavor. By extracting the active ingredient from cannabis, you can concentrate the flavor of your plant or oil. Vaping allows you to experience the flavorful terpenes of your medicine, without the harsh taste of burning a joint.
  • Long-lasting cannabis. Cannabis oils, concentrates, and flower all have a long shelf life when you vape. With effective use of your vape, your cannabis can last longer than it would by burning a joint — plus, you can use an already-vaped bud (AVB) to add an extra kick to edibles and tinctures.
  • Easy to carry around, discreet to use. Vaping helps to avoid the smell of burning cannabis, which is a major advantage for discreet users. It’s also simpler to take a hit of your vape than to roll a joint, leading to easier and more discreet consumption. With a portable vape or pen, you don’t have to go out of your way to smoke cannabis.

Tips for happy vaping with Rev

If you’re interested in vaping, here’s our best tip: start low, and go slow. This is a common saying in the world of cannabis, and it’s intended to help patients to control the effects of their products. By starting low (with a low dosage), you can understand what level of cannabinoids gives you the desired effect. By going slow (increasing strength slowly), you can avoid overdoing it. For all vapers, it’s important to not inhale as strongly as you might inhale with a joint — just breathe in the vapor lightly, like you’re sipping tea.

At Rev Clinics, our team of experts is here to help you navigate the world of cannabis. We offer all the materials you’ll need for a great time vaping — from grinders (for flower vapes), to vape batteries, concentrates, and other vaping essentials. You can even order online from our Rev dispensaries in Mass! Watch the video below to learn more about ways to vape cannabis.