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National Mammography Day 2022: What You Need to Know

National Mammography Day 2022: What You Need to Know

Getting a mammogram isn’t just a light precaution — it’s a highly accurate way to detect breast cancer. By identifying breast cancer that may be completely asymptomatic, mammograms save lives every day.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s important for women — especially women over 40 — to understand the benefits of regular screening. Breast cancer is the most commonly-diagnosed cancer in the United States, and early detection can help to eliminate the disease before it progresses. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, when  breast cancer is detected early and is identified in the localized stage, the survival rate is 99 percent.

At Rev, we talked to our client, Itasha, about the mammogram that saved her life. Because Itasha’s breast cancer was detected early, doctors were able to eliminate the tumor before it spread. Itasha’s recovery from breast cancer is a story of hope, resilience, and good cannabis.


Itasha’s Story: The Mammogram that Changed Everything


Our friend Itasha has been employed with MedWell Health & Wellness for over a year — as a Team Lead and Office Manager. Before joining MedWell, Itasha had been working in the cannabis industry for almost five years. As a lifelong cannabis enthusiast, Itasha is a core member of one of Massachusetts’s leading MMJ clinics.

It happened like this: during a routine medical checkup, Itasha’s doctor recommended she get a mammogram. After the x-ray was taken, her mammographer told her they had found a lump in her left breast. It was cancer.

As a single mother of three beautiful children, a cancer diagnosis was a nightmare come true for Itasha. It was impossible not to worry about her and her kids’ future. Thankfully, the cancer was detected very early in its development. Because Itasha’s mammogram was taken at the right time, the mass was removed successfully via surgery. She’s been cancer-free ever since.


The Healing Benefits of Cannabis


For several years, Itasha has been working in the cannabis industry. Before she began her current role at MedWell, Itasha worked in a dispensary with medical and recreational patients. In an interview with Rev, she explained: “When I worked in the dispensary, I discovered how cannabis helps medically — not just in a social setting. I’ve consumed it differently ever since then.”

Like many people who find out they have cancer, Itasha was faced with serious anxiety and depression after her diagnosis. With her knowledge about medical cannabis, she began using high-grade medical products from Rev to ease the challenges of her diagnosis. And, with the right products, cannabis became an important part of Itasha’s recovery.

“Before the diagnosis, I didn’t really do gummies or edibles,” Itasha told us. “I consume it differently now. I’ve gone to the raw papers, and I’ve tried other products that have been helpful in the whole healing process.”

Itasha found that different products helped with different symptoms. According to Itasha, Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis and Melts have been especially helpful with managing anxiety and depression. Specifically, Mile 62 Chillums were able to ease the stress of the diagnosis. Rev’s high-dose Blue Raspberry Fruit Chews improved her sleep and anxiety, while some of Rev’s topicals helped with the topical pain of her surgical incisions.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Rev


Itasha’s message to our readers is direct, and to the point: “Go get tested. Go get mammograms.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month & National Mammography Day we are pledging 5% of our net sales on Friday, October 21st to help the Ellie Fund spread their message in our local communities. The Ellie Fund’s mission is to provide essential support services for breast cancer patients to ease the stresses of everyday life, allowing the focus to be on family, recovery and healing.

At Rev, we’re committed to raising awareness about women’s health. Especially for women of color, like Itasha, breast cancer is often diagnosed too late. For all women, it’s important to get regular breast cancer screenings with a referral from your physician. October 21st, 2022 is National Mammography Day — and there’s no better time to get a mammogram than now.