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High Hopes by Rasta Lee

High Hopes by Rasta Lee
High Hopes 
You know what time it ,

A blessed new year to all, let’s just jump right in. In my last and only writing of 2023, I had a few things that I saw was happening in our industry and what I saw would have to be the adoptive measures necessary to not just survive but to thrive. After all, what happens industry-, company- and store-wise, whatever changes happen in the market, there is one thing for sure: as a company, “rolling ” with the punches is what we do best. With 2023 ending there was a feeling of optimism to finish out the year. What a year it was!


Now, into the start of 2024, there is a feeling of hope, inspiration, reset, and a renewed vigor in delivering the best medicine at the best price. There are fresh eyes looking at things differently and from the perspective of how our overriding intention is to provide the best medicine possible, as affordably as we can, especially in today’s market. With better understanding, or overstanding, as to the direction the industry is headed, we have the willingness to move in that direction, which I believe to be one of our greatest strengths. We are looking to move up, all together.

Now, on to the products and where we are now!¬†Mile 62, a fan favorite,¬†is back and¬†consistently¬†testing¬†over 30% THC with¬†the price reflecting that¬†but with price changes¬†in every tier of flower that we offer¬†so there is something¬†for everyone.¬†Affordable¬†medicine¬†is the goal.¬†Our edibles¬†offer¬†medical patients a range from¬†high dose¬†to micro-dose products. You can pick up the i¬†am edible Tiger Gold Bar¬†with¬†1000mg¬†THC¬†or the people-pleaser and one of our best sellers, the¬†i¬†am edible¬†Pineapple¬†Extra Strength fruit chews¬†4-pack¬†with 100mg¬†THC per piece or¬†aim a bit lower and grab the i¬†am edible high dose fruit chews with 25mg¬†THC per piece. If you prefer a lower¬†dose, you can micro-dose with¬†Kiva Petra mints¬†with 2.5mg THC per mint or¬†explore¬†the sweet spot of 5mg¬†THC available in¬†Kiva¬†Lost Farm¬†gummies infused with strain-specific live resin or Kiva Camino and Camino Sours gummies, Kiva Terra Bites and Kiva Chocolate Bars with¬†chocolate infused with cold water¬†hash. We¬†offer¬†Mr. Moxey‚Äôs full spectrum mints that contain¬†THC alone or combinations of THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN, and Betty‚Äôs Eddies made with organic fruits and vegetables and¬†with¬†minor cannabinoid offerings.¬†Our pre-roll selection has something for¬†everyone¬†‚Äď just explore the menu or ask your Retail Associate for their suggestions to help meet your goals. Our¬†cartridges are available in¬†regular and¬†disposable, with options¬†from Papi Cannabis and his¬†Moonshot distillate vapes to Happy Day Labs with live resin¬†vape options.¬†One thing we have been¬†missing¬†is the Topicas¬†salve we used¬†to make, but we are adding some topical options in their absence.¬†Overall, we have something for everyone at Rev.

With optimism in our sails, I feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, a turning point for both the patients and the company in mutual agreement. We will continue working together to achieve the goal of one hand washing the other.  I see Rev and our loyal customers thriving in 2024.

Lee Elliott
PA/The Rasta Review