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The Rasta Review

The Rasta Review
The Rasta Review By Lee Elliott
You know what this is.
With the start of a new month are new flower offerings, as well. Without further delay, I present Miracle Mints AKA Cap Junky. This strain hits you fast and hard, slamming you between the eyes right after your final exhale with a dizzying sense of happiness. You are likely to feel tingly and mentally stimulated, with a sense of euphoria that has you soaring and easily chatting with anyone around you. With the linage of Alien Cookies crossed with Kush Mints #11, this strain is from the newer harvests being bred in the last few years. I am liking the Miracle Mints for it has all three things that I look for in a flower: taste, feel, and smell. This strain has all of them in spades, and it is a very smooth smoke, very easy on the throat. This is an “in your head” indica; not too sleepy but more of a creative feel, that can bring along good conversation with friends, or some inspired reading time, writing, editing, and other creative outlets.
The flavor and aroma are mixed with spice, sweet, woody, herbal dank, cinnamon, orange, with hints of gas as well. The effects associated with this strain are relaxation, creativity, calmness, and euphoria. I personally felt that it helped to lessen my anxiety, stress, and depressive thoughts. The tingle spread throughout the rest of my body, lulling me into a state of relaxation that didn’t leave me feeling too sedated. My takeaway from this is that it had a very smooth, tasty, and quite euphoric feel. A great start to February I would say. Miracle Mints comes HIGHLY recommended.
Lee Elliott
PA/The Rasta Review
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