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Why Do People Like Taking Edibles?

Why Do People Like Taking Edibles?

Edibles can take many different forms — from gummies, to baked goods, spreads, and even beverages. When any food is prepared by infusing its ingredients with THC (with or without the help of CBD), it’s considered an “edible”.

Often, the infusion happens on the level of the oil or butter used in cooking. When cooking oil or butter is infused with THC, it can create an evenly-distributed mixture of cannabinoids throughout the food. There are plenty of other ways to create edibles, including adding cannabis extract to food during cooking.

There are many different types of edibles, and there are many different reasons why edibles are so popular. With an edible, you can create a balanced experience with a predictable amount of THC. Edibles also help you avoid the smell and smoke of a joint, which creates a discreet and convenient way of ingesting cannabis. Let’s take a deeper look into how edibles work — and why they’re so popular.


Slow release for long-lasting effects


When it comes to cannabis, the most common method of ingestion is through inhalation. This means smoking, vaping, and dabbing — in which a smoke or vapor is inhaled, then the active cannabinoids are absorbed through your lung mucosae. Inhalation is popular for a variety of reasons, including its convenience and its ability to produce a fast euphoric effect.

Traditional edibles, on the other hand, don’t activate as quickly as inhaled cannabis. In a traditional edible, THC is processed in the liver. This creates a compound known as 11-hydroxy THC, which often feels more intense and heavier than the delta-9 THC which is absorbed through the lungs. Digesting THC through the liver is slower than inhalation — as a result, edibles can take over an hour to fully activate.

There are plenty of advantages to the slow release of traditional edibles. Most notably, edibles provide a smooth and long-lasting effect — in contrast to the quick release-and-fade process of inhaled cannabis. Edibles last long because cannabinoids continue to be absorbed throughout their journey through your digestive system. As a result, traditional edibles allow you to experience THC euphoria over the course of several hours.

If the long-lasting effects of traditional edibles don’t fit into your schedule, fast-acting edibles — like 1906 Drops, or Rev’s own i am edible Fast-Acting Tangerine fruit chews — are a popular option for folks who want a quick onset of effects, without the duration of traditional edibles. Where one might choose a traditional edible for help with staying asleep, another may choose a fast-acting edible for things like an energy boost, focus, or mood elevation within a few minutes of consumption.


Precise doses of your medicine


Edibles come in lots of different forms — and with many different quantities of THC. A major advantage of edibles is the diverse dosing available through edible cannabis products. For medical patients, high-dosage edibles can contain much more THC and CBD than inhaled forms, allowing patients to comfortably consume from 10mg to 20mg — and even up to 100mg of THC.

If you’re looking for the physically-soothing effects of CBD, plenty of edibles are available with a higher CBD-to-THC ratio than inhaled forms of cannabis. When edibles are made, highly specific titrations of THC and CBD allow you to consume cannabinoids in amounts that are much lower or much higher than traditional cannabis. Many patients enjoy the exact measurements offered in edibles, which allows cannabis consumers a high degree of control over their dosing.

When deciding your dosing, it’s important for all cannabis users to remember to start off low and slow — and to increase your dosage only when you’re comfortable with a low amount.


Flavors, recipes, and concoctions


One of the amazing things about edibles is their incredible diversity. You can find everything from gummies, to hard candies, chews, and chocolates. Even drinks like CANN tonics can establish a consistent and tasty THC and CBD buzz.

Premade edibles from your local dispensary are a great way to access convenient cannabinoids. But what about making your own edibles? For canna-heads with a flair for cooking, making homemade edibles is one of the most exciting parts of edible cannabis.

There are plenty of steps to making your own edibles, and we won’t get into the entire process here (there’s another Rev blog post that addresses cooking edibles more specifically). But it’s important to note that any homemade edibles will involve decarboxylating — also known as decarbing. Decarbing requires you to heat up cannabinoids in order to remove the carboxyl group from cannabinoid molecules.

Essentially, decarbing allows you to create a smoother and more potent active ingredient. To make home-cooked THC easier, we offer pre-ground Ace Weidman’s Cooking Ounce (DC) — the DC notes that it is a decarbed flower, ready for you to use in your favorite recipe.


Rev Clinics: Home of your favorite edibles!


At Rev Clinics, edibles come in all shapes and sizes. With a wide range of THC and CBD content, our edibles provide the precise dosing you need for your medicine. Popular edibles at Rev include i am edible desserts — from fruit chews, to chocolate Campfire Cups, and cookies. Plus, we stock all kinds of mints, tonic waters, and more.

For a complete list of edible products offered at Rev, check out our product encyclopedia — and see for yourself why Rev Clinics is the best dispensary in Mass for all your edible needs.

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