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“A crisis does not build character, it reveals it.”

Hi, I’m Keith Cooper, CEO of Revolutionary Clinics. I chose the quote above for many reasons. First, it acknowledges the people who have been out in front of this crisis — the first responders, the doctors, nurses and, in a very Clark Kent kind of way, the heroes who quietly stock our grocery shelves, take away our trash, and deliver our mail.

Another reason I chose this quote is because it has multiple versions and multiple credits. Some say it was James Lane Allen. Some say it was John Wooden. Others claim it was Denis Leary. My point is that when no one owns a quote, we all own it. Which is how we see Covid. We all own it. And we must all work together to stop its spread, flatten the curve, help the sick, and provide for those in need. I know it sounds cliché, but one of the silver linings of this crisis is seeing all the character that has been revealed.

Like the City of Cambridge joining forces with Food for Free to deliver food to the elderly. Grocery stores voluntarily creating special shopping times for people at high risk. Interactive maps that shows restaurants still open for take-out and delivery. And, in a move we certainly support, allowing curbside delivery of cannabis orders to make it safer for our patients to get the relief they need.

It’s clear to me that Cambridge, Somerville, Fitchburg and many municipalities are clearly ‘owning it’. And in that spirit, I wanted to share what we are doing to own it as well:

  • Hand Sanitizer. As part of the Commonwealth Dispensary Association, Revolutionary Clinics has already produced and delivered more than 200 gallons of free hand sanitizer to Massachusetts hospitals.
  • The Cambridge Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund. In support of those financially impacted by the Coronavirus, we pledge to donate 2% of our sales from our Cambridge locations to this worthy cause.
  • Street Certified. Working together with a group of partners to bring $25 medical marijuana certifications to those suffering hardship during this time.
  • Providing as safe a work and retail environment as possible: At Rev Clinics, we are a family. That includes all of our dedicated staff, but also our customers. This amounts to constant disinfectant wipe downs, strictly enforcing social distancing, working from home, newly installed disinfectant stations, weekly deep cleaning of all of our facilities, using gloves & masks when necessary, only dispensing product via delivery and order-ahead/curbside pick-up.

I would be remiss if I did not include in this letter my thanks and respect to all the Revolutionary Clinics staff who remain at their posts. I am truly grateful of their commitment to ensuring our customers get access to the relief they need at a time when they need it most. From our growers, packagers and drivers to our Patient Advocates, cashiers and custodial staff, they are all ‘owning it’.

Revolutionary Clinics has always been about connection. So despite the circumstances, it is heartwarming to see the way our community is connecting to help each other out in this time of need. This crisis won’t last forever. But at Revolutionary Clinics, we certainly hope the character it has revealed will.

With hope,

Keith Cooper
CEO, Revolutionary Clinics