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Barbari Herbal Spliffs | Created by women to be enjoyed by everyone

Barbari Herbal Spliffs | Created by women to be enjoyed by everyone

Barbari Herbal Spliffs | Created by women to be enjoyed by everyone

Earlier this month, we saluted some of the most influential women in the cannabis industry as part of Women’s History Month. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our patients to the dynamic duo behind Barbari Herbal Spliffs, one of the most popular products we’ve introduced in the last six months.

Meryl Montgomery, co-founder of Barbari
Valerie Sakota, co-founder of Barbari

Childhood friends Meryl Montgomery and Valarie Sakota never dreamed they’d start their own business. As Valarie explains: “Back in college, my art-school curiosity led me to explore the benefits of rolling botanicals into my joints to dilute the THC potency and customize the type of high I experienced. Meryl was always willing to try whatever I came up with and once told me to call her if I ever wanted to take this product from a hobby to a business. Ten years later, here we are!”

Barbari Herbal Spliffs have been extremely popular with our patients since we introduced them last fall. Featuring a blend of botanicals and cannabis, they’re tobacco-free and deliver what Meryl and Valarie describe as a social high “where wild meets mild.” Barbari’s Muse Herbal Spliffs combine raspberry leaf, peppermint, sage, and jasmine flower with cannabis. The experience is refreshing and uplifting with just the right amount of cannabis influence, making Barbari Herbal Spliffs an excellent choice when you want to “get lifted and stay grounded.”

It took dozens of iterations, tweaks and refinements to get the blend of herbs just right. “The refinements really came down to determining, for example, just how much peppermint tastes good without overwhelming the mouthfeel or making the smoke too harsh. What ratio of cannabis to herbal blends gives us the ideal buzz,” Valarie says.

Barbari Herbal Spliffs filled a void on our menu for patients ranging from first-time smokers who wanted to ease their way into flower and long-time concentrate users looking for something light. Their flavor is like nothing you’ve ever smoked before. It’s crisp and refreshing with aromatic smoke that doesn’t give away the fact that you’re smoking cannabis.

Valarie and Meryl have created a nostalgic smoking experience for older cannabis users and an exciting, intriguing alternative product for new cannabis users. With 4.63% THC from a Sativa cannabis blend, many patients have described the effects of Barbari’s Muse Herbal Spliff as a shot of espresso that powers them through their day. Patients also report it’s a great choice for productivity and focus to start your day or carry you through the afternoon doldrums.

Prior to creating Barbari in 2017, Meryl worked with top brands as a digital marketing consultant in New York City. Valarie was a project manager at an advertising agency in Portland, Oregon. Creating the Barbari brand has enabled them to indulge in their mutual love of cannabis and combine their professional strengths while giving back to the community. Meryl and Valarie donate 5% of sales to “a rotation of organizations that align with community healing and health.” Planned ParenthoodFierce NYCFamily Preservation ProjectEthel’s ClubThe Okra ProjectOregon Handlers Fund, House of GG, LGBTQ Freedom Fund all benefit from the sale of Barbari’s products. Meryl and Valarie also contribute to individuals and organizations working to serve community health and rebuilding efforts.

We hope you agree that Barbari is a brand you can feel good about in every way – from the quality of their products to their organization’s integrity. We proudly recommend Barbari Herbal Muse Spliffs to anyone seeking a mild, energetic high and we’re excited to see what Valarie and Meryl come up with in the future!


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