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Breaking through the stigma of medical marijuana | Real stories from real patients

Breaking through the stigma of medical marijuana | Real stories from real patients

If you’re concerned about the stigma surrounding medical marijuana and what your friends and family will think about you using it, you’re not alone. At Revolutionary Clinics, we’re here to help you find the right medical marijuana product for your situation but we’re also here to help you feel confident in your decision to use medical marijuana. That means taking the time to listen to your concerns, having an honest discussion about the misconceptions and stereotypes about medical marijuana and educating you about the many different benefits.

In the video below one of our dispensary managers shares some of her experiences of how satisfied patients are some of Revolutionary Clinics’ best educators.


Our Patient Advocates are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to but it’s always good to get second opinions from people you trust. If you have a friend or family member who has had success using prescription drug alternatives, talking to them is another great way to break through the stigma of medical marijuana.

So is listening to the stories of other patients and at Revolutionary Clinics, we’re fortunate to have two patients who were willing to share their experiences on camera.

Meet Lynn, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing who is dealing with the effects of a brain injury and post-traumatic stress in addition to the daily struggles of fibromyalgia pain.


Before coming to Revolutionary Clinics, Lynn had bought into the stigma about medical marijuana being a gateway drug to more intense narcotics. To help her cope with her pain, Lynn was prescribed an opiod that eased the pain but made her nauseous. To ease the nausea, she was prescribed another drug that gave her a headache. The pain from the headache was so bad that Lynn was prescribed another medication which made her dizzy, at which point her misconceptions about medical marijuana came crumbling down: “I really saw that other prescription drugs are more of a gateway to have to take more prescriptions,” she says.

Today, Lynn is “waking up every day from a full night’s sleep, refreshed and ready to go”. She wants everyone to know that she’s “a firm believer for life” in medical marijuana and that you should “not believe the hype”.

Like Lynn, Emma also uses medical marijuana for pain relief and talks freely about how much easier it’s gotten to talk about in public.

In addition to the relief from her physical pain, Emma also appreciates the fact that she doesn’t feel like she has to hide her medical marijuana use. In fact, as she states in the first video in this post, she’s proud to be a medical marijuana user because it’s a natural alternative to Ibuprofen and the opioids that she’s “seen a lot of friends lose their lives to”.  That sad reality bring us back to the stigma about medical marijuana being a gateway drug and how the opposite is true. Whether prescription drugs or heroin, we’ve been able to help several addicts overcome their dependence and find real relief with medical marijuana.

Finally, we salute the bravery of Robin, a recovering alcoholic who is able to use medical marijuana without triggering her addiction.


We hope that these real stories from real patients help you feel more confident about considering medical marijuana as an alternative to prescription medications. Our Patient Advocates will be happy to answer all of your questions and address any of your concerns so you leave our dispensary feeling better in every way. To speak with someone on the phone or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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