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Can CBD be Used to Treat ADHD?

Can CBD be Used to Treat ADHD?

Is There Any Evidence to Show CBD Treatment for ADHD Works?

In the long history of studying ADHD treatments, cannabidiol has come to the forefront. This oil, more commonly called CBD, can seem mysterious but has a variety of medical uses. Legal concerns shadow any treatment involving cannabis, so it is essential to know how best to use this plant to treat certain medical conditions. If you want to know more about how to use CBD oil for ADHD, read on.


What Is CBD?

Extensive medical studies have found that the cannabis plant is a chemical marvel. More than 400 compounds can be extracted from this single plant, and each one interacts differently with the human body. Another common compound, THC, includes the psychotropic effects of getting the user high. The benefit of using CBD for medical purposes is you receive the same great results without the high. Some states have made this form of cannabis legal simply because CBD does not induce the impaired state that comes with THC.


What Are Some Benefits of CBD?

CBD is known to affect serotonin, dopamine and other hormones and chemicals in the human body. This leads to the possibility of treating any ailment that involves over or underproduction of these chemicals. Other than ADHD treatments, CBD in rats has been seen to reduce excessive hunger and binge eating after a period of fasting. Other activities affected by serotonin and thus by CBD include sleep patterns, sexual drive, body temperature, and cognitive function.


How Do CBD ADHD Treatments Work?

While research is still teasing out the exact nature of ADHD, it is known that for many diagnosed with this disorder, increased dopamine levels can bring relief. Some treatments include raising dopamine levels in ways that can lead to burn-out over prolonged periods. On the flip side, CBD for ADHD has been reported to block the activity of gamma-Aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA. This allows the body to increase dopamine levels and prevent possible burn-out naturally. A recent survey of people with ADHD using this method showed that 25% of patients felt relief using CBD for ADHD.

Using CBD oil for ADHD is something to discuss with your doctor, but the benefits are showing up in multiple studies across various disciplines. Without the high induced by THC, CBD sees greater use and more legal freedom. At Revolutionary Clinics, we strive to provide you with the healing you seek. To find out more, please fill out our online contact form so we can get in touch with you about your current CBD needs.

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