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Cann, the first cannabis-infused social tonic, is now available at Rev Clinics!

Cann, the first cannabis-infused social tonic, is now available at Rev Clinics!

At Revolutionary Clinics, the only thing more important than providing the best quality cannabis products in Massachusetts is offering those products in the format, flavor, and doses our patients prefer. From the seasonal flavors of our edible chocolate bars to holiday-themed fruit chews, we do our best to offer various products to keep things fresh and interesting.

 That’s why we’re so excited to be the first dispensary in Massachusetts to feature Cann, the first cannabis-infused social tonic that’s been steadily gaining fans on the west coast since 2019.


Made with 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, Cann is reshaping social drinking with their micro-dosed beverages that deliver a perfect, uplifting feeling every time.

We believe Cann is an excellent supplement to any cannabis regimen and an outstanding, all-natural alternative to alcohol. Cann lets you enjoy the relaxing, liberating effects of beer or wine with no awful hangover the next day. Cann comes in six-packs of small 7.5 fl oz cans that are perfect for parties. Like alcohol, Cann is fast-acting. You’ll feel the blissful effects within 10-15 minutes. Unlike alcohol, Cann has pure ingredients, including real fruit juice, agave nectar for sweetness, and, of course, cannabis extract from the finest sources available.

The result is a delicious, easy-drinking seltzer-like beverage that tastes fresh and fruity. Unlike other cannabis-infused drinks with anywhere from 5-100mg of THC, there is no trace of cannabis flavor in Cann.  With just 2mg of THC, Cann is excellent as a substitute for your favorite alcoholic beverage and is an easy way to elevate your favorite cannabis product’s effects. You can drink multiple cans of Cann in a single night the same way you would beer or spiked seltzer.

Training and Development Manager Andrew Elk is a devout smoker and vaper of cannabis. Still, he’s excited about Cann for several reasons: “That small burst of THC makes Cann a nice choice at the end of a busy day or after a smoke session,” Andrew explains. “It’s a great way to reduce cottonmouth and to give yourself a nice extra push without lighting up again. I see Cann as something patients can enjoy when they’re consuming cannabis as part of their regimen every bit as much as they can when they’re just hanging out with friends. My body has a tough time processing alcohol but, I’ve never had a problem with THC, so I’m really excited about Cann.”

The creators of Cann are two Ivy League-educated friends who loved going out for drinks with their buddies but hated how they felt the next day.

Jake and Luke became “Canna Curious” about THC and saw an opportunity to develop their own cannabis-infused beverage that delivered the buzz they wanted and the flavor they craved. They describe Cann as a “social tonic” – more refreshing than light beer, not as sweet as spiked seltzer, yet every bit as drinkable during a fun night with friends. In the video below, skip ahead to the 2:40 mark and watch Jake and Luke give their winning pitch at BevNet’s New Beverage Showdown.

Cann is available in four different flavors, and we’re excited to kick off our new relationship with their newest product, Cranberry Sage!

Cann lifestyle shot

The cranberries and the cannabis in this delicious beverage are from Massachusetts farms, which means two more reasons to give Cann a try! This limited-edition flavor is a tasty mix of tart and savory—exactly what you need to take the edge of the chilly days we’ll be dealing with well into April. Check out the ingredients:

  • Carbonated water
  • Cranberry juice
  • Agave nectar
  • Cannabis extract
  • Botanically-derived CBD extract
  • Sage

That’s it! No artificial flavors, no chemical sweeteners, no preservatives.

It’s no wonder Cann has attracted investments from a slew of celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Darren Criss, Baron Davis, and more.

Cann celebrities

If you love cannabis and want to try something that gives you the benefits of THC in a beverage you can enjoy with friends who don’t consume, add a can of Cann to your next order and tell us what you think!

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