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Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis is available for consumption in a variety of forms, but one method that is becoming more popular is the use of cannabis concentrates. “Concentrates” is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of different cannabis extracts and their monikers. Also known as shatter, honey oil, budder, etc.  The names of the specific concentrates typically hint at its consistency or appearance. Marijuana concentrates are an extremely effective means of delivering large doses of THC quickly.

Potency of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are the most potent forms of THC available today. These concentrates have THC levels of at least 40 percent and can have as much as 80 percent. This potency is as much as four times more than what you’ll find in high-grade medically cultivated marijuana.

Concentrate Textures and Consistencies

Concentrates are available in a wide range of textures and consistencies, although some are more common than others. Most concentrates are available in one of the following consistencies.

  • Shatter: As the name indicates, shatter has a texture like glass and tends to snap and pull the way taffy does. Their colors are typically yellow or amber.
  • Crumble: Featuring a crumbly consistency similar to a honeycomb, Crumble has a matte yellow color to it.
  • Sauce: Ranging in a variety of shades from bright mustard yellow to deep amber, Sauce tends to be thick and sticky, with a noticeable crystalline structure.
  • Crystalline: This single compound looks like a white crystal. Crystalline varies in size and density and may look like anything from powder to tiny rocks.
  • Sugar: Concentrates that feel wet or have a consistency similar to sap are known as Sugar. There is no uniformity to Sugar concentrates, which are typically amber or bright yellow.
  • Budder: Sometimes referred to as badder, Budder is the oilier, softer partner of Crumble. The texture is similar to butter or cake batter, which is how it gets its name. This concentrate is easy to spread and typically has a bright yellow or orange shade to it.

Using Concentrates

There are several ways to consume marijuana concentrates, although the best way to do so will depend on the texture. If saving money is your goal, the easiest method is topping your bowl with a powdery concentrate since you do not need extra tools. Dabbing is the most popular method but requires purchasing a device known as a dab ring. Dabbing involves heating the ring’s nail and adding the concentrate to the hot surface to instantaneously tn it into a vapor. A concentrate vape pen is a portable and discreet option for using cannabis concentrate. You can purchase a pre-filled cartridge and attach it to a battery, or you can buy a handheld vape that you manually fill and can refill.


If you are considering using cannabis concentrates, allow us to help you get started. Contact Revolutionary Clinics to learn more.

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