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Cannabis in the time of COVID-19 | How medical marijuana is helping people

Cannabis in the time of COVID-19 | How medical marijuana is helping people

Fear, frustration, anxiety, anger.

If you haven’t experienced at least one of these emotions since COVID-19 started to dominate the daily news cycle, we’ll write a follow-up blog post about the dangers of denial. For everyone else, we at Revolutionary Clinics are compelled to share some of our experiences and observations with new and long-term patients and how medical marijuana is helping them deal with “these challenging times”.

We sat down with Senior Wellness Consultant Barb VanHoosen who has spoken with hundreds of patients about their concerns and connected them with the right cannabis product for their situation. We share Barb’s observations in the hope that you or someone you know will realize that you’re not alone, that help is available and that the caring, supportive staff at Revolutionary Clinics is here for you.

Recreational marijuana customers have turned to medical marijuana and may never go back

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts since 2018 but during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, recreational shops were forced to close while medical marijuana dispensaries like Revolutionary Clinics were allowed to stay open. As you can imagine, we got a lot of calls from recreational marijuana customers wondering how they could buy cannabis from us. As Barb explains: “I spoke to a great deal of recreational customers and they were surprised at how easy it was to get certified via Instant Access and via telehealth so they did not even have to leave their house plus all of the perks of being a medical marijuana patient,” Recreational shops have since been allowed to open but between the tax savings and selection of high-potency products, a lot of the recreational marijuana customers who came to us during the lockdown are staying with Revolutionary Clinics. With all the talk about a second wave of cases and the potential for another lockdown, buying from an essential business like Revolutionary Clinics offers an extra degree of stability in an unpredictable world.

More patients are coming to us for help with anxiety and that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Let’s be clear, we don’t want anyone to suffer from anxiety but given everything that’s going on in the world on top of COVID-19, just about everyone we know has felt anxious at one time or another. “A lot of patients reported that their anxiety increased, especially at the beginning of the pandemic,” Barb says. “The sheer number of people who chose to get their medical cards during the beginning of lockdown so they could be in charge of their mental health is inspiring to me. As is the huge number of patients who then reached out to me for guidance so they could understand the available options and get control of their anxiety and stress.” So while it’s unfortunate that more people are feeling more anxiety, the good news is, hundreds of people aren’t just letting themselves suffer. They’re taking responsibility for their mental health and seeking help from people they trust. If you’ve been struggling with stress and uncertainty, please know that Revolutionary Clinics is here to help.

Tinctures and edibles have been extra popular for treating anxiety and insomnia
We’re not sure if it’s discretion, long-lasting effect or the great deals we’ve recently had on tinctures and edibles but more and more patients are using them and reporting great results. As Barb describes: “For anxiety, CBD:THC blends are often quite popular, especially when patients want to remain clear-headed for daytime relief. We have 2 tinctures, MXR Harmonize 4:1 and MXR Quench 1:1 that are patient favorites as well as various edibles like our Blackberry 10:1 fruit chews, Lemon Lime 1:1 fruit chews, and 1:1 Chocolate bar.”

The longest lasting effect of tinctures and edibles has also been helpful for patients who struggle with staying asleep during the night. “Our MXR Sleep tincture is a nice option for a relatively quick effect with a longer duration than smoking or vaping,” Barb says. “I personally love our infused peanut butter for a heavy-hitting relaxed effect that puts me to sleep.” If you find yourself lying awake and need something to help you fall asleep,  patients report that indica flower or vape cartridges are great for a quick, sedating effect.

If you’re worried about getting COVID-19, you’re not alone.
At Revolutionary Clinics, we feel a responsibility to assure people who are having difficulty returning to “normal” that their feelings are warranted. “The two biggest COVID-related concerns that patients have brought up are 1) not wanting to smoke or vape so they could protect their lungs and 2) asking about our safety protocols for pickup and delivery,” Barb says. “Every single patient I have spoken to (which is approaching 200 at this point in time) has been thrilled that we are being so diligent with keeping our dispensaries closed to patients, requiring online pre-orders so we can fast-track pickup with minimal exposure risk, and our safety procedures with delivery being as contact-less as possible.”

Barb’s right. Early on during lockdown we closed the building to patients and required all orders to be online pre-orders for pickup or delivery. We pack all pickup orders in advance so as a Rev Clinics medical marijuana patient, all you have to do is pay for your medicine when you arrive and we hand it over to you, quickly and as contact-less as possible. We disinfect our patient pickup areas often, all staff and patients are required to wear masks, and we maintain social distancing as a standard This service model means patients cannot simply walk up and buy products. “While that has been challenging for some patients, every person I personally speak to is grateful that we are so careful, given that we serve a medically fragile community,” Barb explains. “In addition, we have remote staff who can assist patients with orders, as needed.”

As a Rev Clinics patient, you can communicate with us however you wish, by phone, by email or live chat on our website. Whether you have question about the right medical marijuana for you, need help with a phone order or arranging for delivery, we have staff both working in our dispensaries and from their homes in order to maintain social distancing. You can even book a virtual consultation with Barb at your convenience!


Whatever’s on your mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling at 617-213-6006 or filling out the form on our website. We look forward to talking with you!


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