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Easing holiday stress with cannabis

Easing holiday stress with cannabis

Let’s face it. Sometimes the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. From the pressure to find the perfect gift for that special someone to the judging eyes of your parents or in-laws, the holiday season is packed with anxiety-inducing moments. While many of our patients use cannabis to relieve anxiety, you certainly don’t need the aroma of the Chocolate Oranges flower you smoked in your bedroom to prompt catty Aunt Kathy to shout: “What’s that SMELL? You didn’t burn the Christmas cookies again, did you?”

Since discretion is always the better part of holiday valor, here are some stealthy cannabis suggestions to help take the edge off your holiday stress. As always, use these products responsibly.

Fruit Chews

Cannabis infused fruit chews taste great and with 5mg 20 packs and 100mg 4 packs available in a variety of flavors, they’re a discrete way to medicate with one exception worth noting. We’ve heard feedback from patients that our blue raspberry chews can leave blue stains on the tongue and teeth which is something to be mindful of. You can always say that you enjoyed a Slurpee before you arrived at the family pot luck dinner and Yankee Swap but nosier family members may demand an explanation.


Chocolate Bar THC 100

Consuming cannabis doesn’t get more discreet than our Chocolate Bar THC 100. The packaging looks like a high end, fair trade candy bar you might find at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and the bar itself looks like a segmented Hershey Bar. With 5mg of THC per piece, that’s where the similarities between Chocolate Bar THC 100 and any other candy bar end. Relaxation and happiness are the top two effects of Chocolate Bar THC 100 so enjoy a piece or two after you’ve finished setting the table to put yourself in the right mood to spread some holiday cheer.


Distillate Oil Applicators

The beauty of distillate oil applicators is they deliver a concentrated dose of cannabis in a variety of consumption options. You can vape distillate oil (significantly less aroma than flower), mix it in with other ingredients to make edibles (like our medicated mashed potatoes and gravy recipe or our medicated apple pie recipe) or simply ingest it straight from the applicator. Whichever method you choose, one of our Patient Advocates will be happy to recommend a 1:1 THC/CBD strain like Charlotte’s Web or Orange Tide that will help you cope with the most abominable holiday situations and scroogiest members of your family.



Tinctures are great because they work quickly and have no odor whatsoever. Barb the CannaMom is a big fan of our 1:1 Quench tincture “because of the anxiolytic effect of the CBD plus the clarity of the Super Sour Diesel terpenes”.  Barb also recommends our Propel tincture as a low-dosing THC option for “focus and those lovely effects from the limonene terpenes”. Propel is a great way to keep your edge and maintain your patience with prying relatives badgering you about when you’re going to get married, when you’re going to have a baby or when you’re going to land a better job “because you’re not getting any younger, you know!”.


If you’re visiting a house where at least one of the family members is a cigar or cigarette smoker, their noses may be less sensitive to the wonderful aromas of cannabis. When you’re not as concerned about the smell giving you away but you still need a discreet way to smoke so you’re not being flagrant about your cannabis use, pre-rolls are a great choice. No flower to grind, no bowls to pack, no glass bongs to transport – pre-rolls do all the work for you and are perfectly legal to carry on your person in Massachusetts. Just be sure you don’t overdo it and that you have a sober ride home regardless of how much you consume.

What’s your favorite product to ward off holiday stress? Tell us about it on our Facebook page and be sure to share the most uncomfortable question you’ve ever been asked at a family gathering!

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