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Finding the Right Way to Ingest Cannabis

Finding the Right Way to Ingest Cannabis

When you visit a dispensary in Massachusetts, you’re probably looking for the best way to get that euphoric feeling that makes cannabis so popular. Even though smoking is the most common way to ingest cannabis, a wide variety of other methods exist. From inhalation (smoking and vaping) to ingestion, sublingual tinctures, and even transdermal patches, there are plenty of different ways to optimize your cannabis experience.

At Rev, we’re committed to helping you find the right way to ingest your cannabis. Let’s take a look at the tried and true ways of using cannabis, plus some of the more new-age methods. It’s also important to consider set and setting before consuming.

We discussed different delivery methods with Dr. Benjamin Caplan, a practicing cannabis doctor and Chief Medical Officer of the CED Clinic.


Consider your setting before ingesting


Before you consume cannabis, it’s important to consider your set and setting. Cannabis connoisseurs use the expression “set and setting” to describe the complex combination of factors that converge to create your cannabis experience. “Set” and “setting” are the two main components of your environment when you ingest cannabis.

The term “set” refers to your mindset before ingesting — the mental state you’re in. If you’re in a bad mood, or if you’re feeling anxious or depressed, cannabis may amplify those negative feelings instead of supplying anticipated effects like euphoria and relaxation. According to Dr. Caplan, the effects of the mind on the body run much deeper than just the world of cannabis. “Anybody will say they feel better when they’re in a good mood, compared to when they’re in a bad mood,” he says. For cannabis, it’s a similar effect. 

“Setting”, on the other hand, describes the surrounding location and physical space where you’re consuming cannabis. For example, a busy afternoon in the city may create an effect that’s different from a calm evening on the beach. This is in part because the endocannabinoid system is a component of the nervous system that regulates the effects of the environment on the body. We’re still learning about the endocannabinoid system, “which may explain why set and setting are unpredictable,” Dr. Caplan reveals.


Fan favorites: alternative ways to consume cannabis 


Once you’re mindful of the right set and setting, it’s time to figure out which cannabis delivery method suits you. For cannabis enthusiasts, there are plenty of different ways to enjoy cannabis. “I’m learning about new methods of cannabis ingestion all the time,” Dr. Caplan tells us. “There are the standards, like edibles and tinctures, but there are also new varieties that have potential.”

Inhalation and edibles are perhaps the most traditional ways to consume cannabis. When you inhale cannabis, the mucosae in your lungs absorb the active components of the plant. Inhalation (either through smoke or vapor) tends to create a more immediate, fast-acting experience.

Compared to inhalation, ingesting traditional cannabis edibles can create a more gradual and less immediate effect. When you eat a cannabis edible, your stomach lining consumes the cannabis and transmits it to your bloodstream. Edibles like Mr. Moxey’s mints or Kiva Petra mints can offer a balanced and cohesive experience that lasts for hours — which you can find on our menu!

Besides inhalation and edibles, there are plenty of other tried-and-true ways to ingest cannabis. Sublingual (under the tongue) delivery using tincture oils has long been a popular way to consume cannabis, but now sublingual delivery is also possible with dissolvable tabs like the ones from Manna Molecular. Sublingual delivery provides a rapid onset of effects. If you’re looking for more gradual effects, transdermal patches are a popular delivery method that offers time-released, long-lasting effects — and they’re especially popular for pain relief. 

The world of cannabis is always evolving, and there are plenty of exciting new delivery methods that are only beginning to get popular. Fast-acting edibles — like 1906 drops — provide rapid delivery that offers a more controlled, predictable timeframe than traditional edibles. Another wildly popular new product on dispensary menus is cannabis-infused beverages. From Levia seltzers, to Cann tonics, cannabis teas, and even THC energy drinks, drinks are another fast-acting option for consumers.  

At Rev, we produce Stir It Up a cannabis syrup that can be added to any drink. Soon, we will also be launching Shakti Green Lit Energy Shot, a 5mg THC energy drink that contains caffeine, b-vitamins, and amino acids. Shakti is designed to boost mood and energy, with no artificial sweeteners or artificial coloring. Keep your eye on our menu later this month for Shakti!


How to use cannabis the right way 


When you’re looking for a dispensary in Mass, Rev is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of cannabis delivery methods. Whether you’re using edibles or inhaling flower, or if you prefer tinctures or patches, finding the right way to ingest cannabis is a personal experience. Only you can know which methods work for you, and which aren’t as effective.

It’s exciting to try out new ways to ingest cannabis — but remember, start with a low dose, and only increase it slowly. Consuming cannabis isn’t a race to the finish, and it’s important to not overdo it. Rev offers online cannabis ordering for delivery in the Boston area, as well as pickup from one of our Massachusetts locations. To talk with one of our experts, schedule a free virtual consultation today!

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