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First-Time Dispensary Deals at Rev

First-Time Dispensary Deals at Rev

Finding the right dispensary is a big step in healing. It’s important to access your medicine from a dispensary with expertise — a dispensary that can cater to your specific medical needs. The right dispensary can offer you a relationship that lasts for years, with cannabis experts to help you along your journey.

Rev is a cannabis dispensary in Mass with a lot of perks for first-time patients. Whether you’ve just gotten your MMJ card, or you’re moving away from a different dispensary, our first-time dispensary deals offer plenty of ways for you to save money while reaping the benefits of this amazing plant.

Planning Your First Visit to Rev

A new dispensary can open up a whole new world of cannabis possibilities. At Rev, we’re committed to welcoming new medical patients with affordable cannabis products. Our exciting deal for first-time Rev clients includes four coupons for new patients. Each coupon is worth $50 off a purchase of $100 or more of medicated products. That’s a total of $200 off, with your new patient profile!

Aside from great savings, there are plenty of other reasons to join our Rev community. Our team of cannabis experts and budtenders can teach you anything you need to know about Rev products. With multiple locations in Massachusetts and home delivery options, we’re helping to ensure your medicine isn’t just affordable — it’s convenient too. 

It’s important to note that, as a dispensary in Mass, our first-time deals are for medical cannabis products only. Accessories aren’t included, and first-time deals are not stackable with other Rev promotions. 

Great Deals for Rev Patients

Aside from first-time patients, plenty of other customers can also get great discounts at Rev Clinics. At Rev, we’re committed to offering serious savings for our valued medical cannabis clients. Some of our other great deals for Rev patients include: 

  • The Rev Referral Program. We’re always excited to welcome new patients. That’s why we offer great deals for members who refer new clients to Rev Clinics. Every time you refer a new patient to Rev for their first purchase of our medical cannabis (MMJ cardholders only), you can get $25 in-store credit. 
  • MMJ Re-Certification Program. If you visit Rev within 30 days of recertifying your MMJ card, you can get two $50 coupons, each for $100 or more of in-store medical cannabis purchases. This deal is for returning patients, and it includes the choice of free Rev merch — such as a hoodie or a drink tumbler.
  • Double Points Wednesdays. At Rev, we like to reward our returning patients with 5% back on in-store medical cannabis purchases — any day of the week. But on Double Points Wednesday, Rev members get 10% back on in-store purchases. That means 10% of the money you spend at Rev on Wednesdays will become in-store credit for future purchases. 
  • …and more deals! There are plenty of other deals offered at Rev, which help to uplift and reward our clients. These include group discounts for veterans, seniors, and patients with financial hardship. 

More Benefits with Rev Access

The Rev Access Card is our way of thanking you for your loyalty as a Rev customer. Our medical cannabis patients come to Rev for consistently high-quality products, and advice from cannabis experts across our locations.

For only $49 a year, the Rev Access Card offers returning customers a variety of deals, including a free gram of flower each month, and free home delivery (in our designated delivery zone). In addition to our in-house deals, Rev customers can get dozens of other discounts with our growing list of community partners. These include access to exclusive events, concerts, and product launches. Visit our website for more information about the wide variety of deals available with your Rev Access Card. 

Your New Dispensary in Mass

At Rev, you can find the dispensary that’s right for you — and get endless Mass dispensary deals. We offer the best first-time dispensary deals in the game, with a more comprehensive list available on our
Rev Deals page

Cannabis deals are a way for us to give back to our committed customers, and to make Rev an even more welcoming place for new medical patients. To get more Rev updates, subscribe to our Rev newsletter — directly below this blog, or at the bottom of any Rev webpage!


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