CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant. A non-psychoactive relative of cannabinoids such as THC and THC-N, CBD has been the subject of intense discussion and debate within the medical community as of late for its use as an anti-seizure medication. Popularized by carefully bred strains such as Charlotte’s Web and Harlequin, CBD oil is helping many to transition away from a diet of prescriptions and into an alternative style of medicine.

As people, we often look for concrete and firm answers to rely on as we explore new things. It helps us to feel more comfortable and confident in our decisions. When it comes to cannabis medicine in general, the answer to many of our questions is, quite simply, it depends. A variety of factors can influence both the efficacy and efficiency of cannabis and more specifically, CBD oil.

Method Matters

Acute conditions and sudden attacks require a quick and efficient delivery system. By dabbing or vaporizing cannabis concentrate and oil, you provide your body with an ample dose of CBD and the timely relief you need, when you need it. Smoking cannabis is nearly as effective though with lower concentrations of the active cannabinoid present, it just means that more flower must be consumed to achieve the same result. While not as effective as dabbing, it’s a great way to supplement an active treatment plan. If you’re considering CBD oil for pain, it has shown great promise as a topical ointment as well. Muscle tension, nerve damage, sore bones, and certain skin conditions can all be eased with a topical application of CBD-infused lotions or balms which provide relief in just a few moments. For conditions that can tolerate a slower delivery mechanism, edible CBD products remain the preferred method.


Pain Relief

By introducing much higher concentrations of the active ingredient over an extended period of time, you help to saturate the body with cannabinoids that are known to help in your recovery. Because we break down the things we eat at a much slower rate than other methods of consumption, relief typically begins late and extends over a period of several hours.


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