Our Somerville location is now serving both Adult-Use (21+) and Medical customers!

For Adult-Use, please use our “Somerville Rec” menu to place an order online for pick-up and use the entrance to the left, under the “Rev Cannabis” sign!

If you’re a patient at Revolutionary Clinics, you’re already familiar with the traits of high-quality cannabis. For those of you who are new to medicating with cannabis, you may be unsure where to begin when looking for signs of good marijuana. After all, you don’t want to commit to becoming a patient at a Massachusetts dispensary only to find out they have an inferior product. Here’re a few tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to figure out which marijuana flowers are good and which are the best.  

What Does Good Marijuana Look Like?

Even the untrained eye should be able to identify poor quality cannabis at a glance. If the dried flowers look like they came from unhealthy plants, chances are they did. Excellent cannabis flowers should be mostly green after curing, ranging from light lime to a rich, hunter green hue. There may also be hints of purple, pink or blue. A thick frosting of crystalline trichomes is extremely desirable on flowers as is a tight, dense bud structure.  

Always avoid cannabis if you can see seeds. Also, although not indicative of poor plants, excessive leaves and stems are symptoms of lazy trimming and can result in a harsh smoke with a chlorophyll flavor. 


What Your Nose Can Tell You

Well-grown and well-cured cannabis can smell like fruit, vanilla, pine, skunk, or any of countless aromas. The intensity of that aroma can tell you quite a bit. Quality cannabis should have a fresh and powerful fragrance to it. If you can smell it from a distance, it’s probably great flower. 


Other Signs of Good Marijuana  

Properly cured flower will be somewhat springy and sticky to the touch. Avoid dry buds that crumble on contact or wet buds (they may attract mildew and won’t burn evenly). 

Good cannabis tastes fresh. 



Where to Buy Medical Cannabis in Boston 

Words can only go so far in helping you to identify good cannabis flower. The next step is to engage your senses and experience it for yourself. Visit us at Revolutionary Clinics and browse our inventory of premium medical marijuana. Our staff will guide you through the subtleties of each strain and teach you how to best consume them for maximum flavor, aroma, and effects. Be sure to take advantage of our weekly deals and specials including giveaways, drawings, and sales.