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How To Store Cannabis

How To Store Cannabis


Here on the Revolutionary Clinics blog and in our dispensaries, most of our patient conversations center around finding the right medical marijuana product and how to consume cannabis as safely and responsibly as possible. Today, we’re going to talk about what you do with your medical marijuana when you’re not using it. Storing your cannabis properly is one of the most important things you can do. That’s especially true if you have small kids.

Keep your cannabis flower out of the light

When it comes to maintaining the potency and flavor of your medical marijuana, Revolutionary Clinics Training Manager Andrew Elk has a four-word philosophy: “sunlight is the enemy”. Every second your cannabis is exposed to direct sunlight, is time the ultraviolet (UV) rays will basically assault your cannabis flower.  UV rays dry out flower, cause edibles to get stale and can compromise the consistency of solid concentrates. Worse, the terpene content drops and the precious THC converts to CBN (which tends to make you tired) “like a vampire sucking the life out of your stash”, Andrew explains.

Cannabis exposed to light will age 3-4 times faster and lose a lot of its potency and flavor as a result. That’s why we pack every Revolutionary Clinics cannabis delivery in airtight, childproof packaging with UVA/UVB blocking.

Never store cannabis flower in plastic bags, use dark glass containers

Plastic bags may be the packaging of choice on the black market but plastic is as bad for cannabis flower as it is for the environment. The reason is trichomes. Trichomes are the crystal-like formations you’ll see if you take a super close look at a bud of cannabis. They look like tiny diamonds and they contain some of the most potent terpenes and flavonoids that give flower its wonderful aroma. When you store cannabis flower in a plastic bag, the static electricity acts like a magnet that causes the trichomes to stick to the inside of the bag where they do you absolutely no good.

That’s why we recommend dark glass jars (spice jars are a great choice) to protect your trichomes from static electricity and your cannabis from UV rays. The only disadvantage of storing your cannabis in dark jars is that you can’t see what’s inside. That’s no problem if you’re a single strain user but if you use indicas and sativas, you may need a label maker or some other way to stay organized.

Use Boveda packs or repurpose a cigar humidor for longer term cannabis flower storage

Even if you keep your cannabis flower out of direct sunlight, the freshness clock is still ticking. Just like cigars, a humidor can prevent cannabis from drying out and falling apart. Just be sure to go the extra step and cover it if the humidor you’re using has a glass top. Alternatively, you can drop a Boveda pack into your jar and extend the life of your cannabis flower for just a few dollars. Boveda packs are a staff favorite and we’ll be happy to help you add them to your next order.

Keep edibles and tinctures away from heat

Summer is a wonderful time but chocolate bars and fruit chews can melt if exposed on super hot days. We recommend storing edibles and tinctures in a locked, airtight container that is kept in a cool, dry area. If you are concerned about the heat in your house or apartment, you can individually wrap pieces of fruit chews so they don’t melt/stick together. Chocolate bars can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer as long as they are clearly labeled as containing THC and kept out of reach of others who should not be consuming them. When it comes to storing tinctures the most important thing is to store upright, keep out of direct sunlight, and give it a vigorous shake if it’s been sitting for more than a few days untouched.

Use silicone containers for short-term concentrate storage and air-tight containers for long-term concentrate storage

While sunlight is the enemy of flower, air is the biggest threat to the potency and flavor of concentrates. Containers made from medical-grade silicone are excellent for all kinds of concentrates if you’re planning to use them within a few days. If you scored a great deal and have stocked up on your favorite concentrates, you’ll want to take the extra step of acquiring airtight containers or a vacuum sealer. Once inside a sealed container, you can extend the life of your concentrates even more by storing them in a freezer.

Consider purchasing a safe or lockable cabinet for all of your cannabis

Whether you’re worried about the safety of your children or the security of your cannabis from inconsiderate roommates or house guests, a locking cabinet can be a tremendous source of peace of mind. Locking cabinets will block both harmful UV rays and curious toddlers from messing with your cannabis – and that’s an investment you’ll never regret. Another benefit of a locking, light-blocking cabinet is you can store your cannabis in clear glass jars for easy visual identification.

At Revolutionary Clinics, we pride ourselves on providing all of our patients with the best medical marijuana, the best customer service and the best advice in Massachusetts. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form on our website or give us a call at 617-213-6006.

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