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Let’s Talk About Terpenes and How They Can Improve Your Cannabis Experience

Let’s Talk About Terpenes and How They Can Improve Your Cannabis Experience

Here at Revolutionary Clinics, we like analogies. Think back to your first experiences with beer or wine when you were young. Chances are, you didn’t care whether it was Busch or Natural Light, chardonnay or cabernet. You were just happy to have it. Over the years, as you tried different beers and wines, you became more educated about the countless options available to you and more aware of what you like. You learned how no two IPAs are exactly the same and how a pinot noir from France can have a completely different mouth feel than a pinot noir from California.

It’s the same way with cannabis, only instead of learning about how different types of beer and wine taste, you need to learn about different terpenes and how they impact your cannabis experience.

What are terpenes? Terpenes are the organic compounds that give all plants their aromas. Terpenes are what make pine trees smell like Christmas and lilacs smell like Summer. Terpenes are the cannabis equivalent of why an IPA tastes bitter and a pinot grigio tastes sweet. They’re also a big reason why Leafly, the unofficial authority on all things cannabis has reviews and descriptions of 3,153 different cannabis strains.

Terpenes not only affect the flavor and aroma of different strains of cannabis but how those strains make you feel.

For the purposes of simplicity, we’re going to focus on four of the most popular terpenes at Revolutionary Clinics dispensaries. We’re also going to talk about how the more you understand about terpenes you’ve encountered outside of Revolutionary Clinics and how they make you feel, the better your Patient Advocate will be able to connect you with a similar strain at one of our dispensaries.

The four most popular terpenes at Revolutionary Clinics are:

Humulene has an earthy, spicy aroma that smells a lot like the hops used to brew beer. In sharp contrast to the stoner stigma of cannabis causing the munchies, Humulene is a proven appetite suppressant. It’s also an anti-inflammatory which makes it a great option for coping with chronic pain. The aroma also has hints of sage and ginger for a soothing effect.

Beta Caryophyllene
Beta Caryophyllene has the same hoppy aroma as Humulene but with heavier notes of black pepper. Some describe this terpene as “pungent or peppery” which is a testament to its intensity. People who are dealing with intense pain appreciate the strong, yet comforting aroma. Caryophyllene is also naturally found in cinnamon, oregano, basil, hops and rosemary which will give you an idea of what it smells like.

Found in 60% of all strains, Myrcene is the most common cannabis terpene. Like Caryophyllene and Humulene, its aroma is earthy and musky but with a stronger hint of cloves. Myrcene is an excellent painkiller and muscle relaxer. In addition to cannabis, Myrcene is naturally found in mangoes, hops, thyme, basil, lemongrass, bay leaves and eucalyptus.

You know that smell when you peel an orange or slice a grapefruit in half? That bold, citrus aroma is limonene, a natural mood enhancer and stress reliever like orange wedges on a hot day at soccer camp when you were a kid. The benefits of limonene include enhanced mental focus, energy and anxiety relief.

Now that you understand how some of our most popular terpenes effect your cannabis experience, check out the guide below to see which flower strains to ask about on your next visit to one of our dispensaries.

As you can see, when you’re trying to decide between different strains of cannabis, there’s a lot more to consider than THC percentage. Organizing strains by terpenes is still an emerging concept that we at Revolutionary Clinics are working through to make understanding the differences as simple and straightforward as possible. The more you know about terpenes the better prepared you’ll be to discuss your preferences with one of our Patient Advocates and make the best decision for you.

If you have questions about anything you’ve read in this post or need help identifying a terpene you like but don’t know the name of, CLICK HERE to ask a question using the form on our website! We look forward to helping you understand how a little knowledge about terpenes can make a huge difference in your cannabis experience.

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  1. Rather than having us to refer to this guide, why not put the terpine information for each strain on your menu, so we can be better-informed customers when it comes time to make a purchase?

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