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Medical Marijuana in Boston

Everything to know about medical marijuana in Boston

Is medical marijuana legal in Massachusetts?

Yes! Massachusetts state law allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes — within reason, of course. On this page, we’ll highlight some requirements and regulations for medical marijuana in Boston and beyond.

In November 2012, voters approved the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative called Question 3. Question 3 established the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program to regulate medical marijuana across the Commonwealth, making medical marijuana legal in Massachusetts.

Under Question 3, licensed healthcare practitioners can recommend medical marijuana to qualifying patients who suffer from a distinct set of medical conditions. A “qualifying patient” is a Massachusetts resident, or non-Massachusetts resident receiving care in Massachusetts, who is 18 years or older and has been diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition. Patients younger than 18 years old must be diagnosed by two Massachusetts licensed certifying physicians in order to qualify for medical marijuana.

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What are the medical marijuana laws in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts medical marijuana laws specified under Question 3 renders weed legal in Boston, Cambridge, and throughout the Commonwealth. Here are three important medical marijuana laws in Massachusetts:

  • Qualifying patients can possess up to a 14-day or 60-day supply of medical marijuana. The state determined a 14-day supply was 2.5 ounces, and a 60-day supply was 10 ounces — although certifying health care providers can specify more on a patient’s certificate.
  • Limits on the dosing potency for edibles are as follows: a single serving must have no more than 5.5 mg of active THC, and a package of edibles cannot exceed more than 20 servings or 110 mg of active THC. Also, the THC must be homogenous, meaning it is evenly distributed throughout the edible.
  • All qualifying patients must have a valid medical marijuana card, called a Patient Registration Card, in order to possess medical cannabis in Massachusetts.

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How much is a medical marijuana card?

At one point in time, getting a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts (also known as an MMJ card) came with a $50 payment. But today, the Massachusetts medical marijuana program does not charge you to certify your status and get your card! In fact, Massachusetts has one of the few free MMJ systems in America. 

However, you will need to receive a doctor’s recommendation in order to get your medical marijuana card. So technically, the answer to “How much is a medical marijuana card?” is however much your doctor’s appointment costs. This kind of doctor’s visit will usually set you back around $150 or $200.

Massachusetts MMJ cards are valid for one year, after which you must recertify. There is no fee for recertification, but you will have to pay for another doctor’s consultation. If you lose your medical marijuana card, it costs $10 to replace it. Learn more about getting a MMJ card.

Are there medical marijuana shops in Massachusetts?

There are many medical marijuana shops in Massachusetts, and Rev is one of the best! We have three amazing locations — Fresh Pond and Central Square in Cambridge, and our original store in Somerville — all with free parking. We also deliver throughout the greater Boston area including Middlesex County, Essex County, Suffolk County, and Norfolk County.

In addition to our medical marijuana shops in Massachusetts, we offer free virtual consultations for new and existing patients. Along with helping you find the right medical marijuana treatment for you, we can also help you find the right doctor for MMJ card certification or recertification.

The Rev team is dedicated to making you feel totally comfortable, informed, and prepared for your journey with medical marijuana. Our high-quality cannabis has been bred, cultivated, and nurtured by our talented growers, and we offer flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals as well as paraphernalia. Here’s how you can become a patient at Rev.

Moving forward with medical marijuana in Massachusetts

Rev Clinics is more than a dispensary — it’s a community of highly-trained cannabis professionals and patient advocates who believe in the medicinal healing power of marijuana. At Rev, we feel people can truly lead happier and healthier lives with cannabis, and it’s our mission to help you unlock the incredible benefits of medical marijuana in the ways that work best for you.

Rev is here to make your Massachusetts medical marijuana experience as relaxing, safe, and enjoyable as possible. We’ll help you move at your own pace as you become an MMJ patient, find the cannabis products that are right for you, and use it safely and productively. For more information about Rev, check out the FAQ page or contact our team.