We have moved to an order ahead pickup/ delivery business model. You will not be allowed to enter our locations without a confirmed order. Please note: If you are a patient’s caregiver, orders must be placed through the name, DOB and patient number of the registered patient
DELIVERY NOTICE – Due to COVID-19 – Rev Clinics Delivery personnel WILL NOT be able to enter your home. YOU MUST be able to meet our delivery agent at your FRONT DOOR or DOWNSTAIRS + OUTSIDE if you live in an apartment. If ordering from the following zip codes: 02145, 02143, 02114, 02129, 02141, 02108, 02113, 02109, 02127, 02210, 02116, 02110, 02118, 02111 02128, 02149, and 02150 please refer to Somerville menu to place order.