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Our Revolutionary Flowers

Our Revolutionary Flowers

Our Somerville location, conveniently located off of 93 with plenty of FREE PARKING, is showcases high quality flower and infused products.

What Does ‘Flower’ Mean?

Simply put, ‘flower’ refers to marijuana in it’s most common form. When you hear of cannabis as “bud,” “nuggets,” or simply “weed” or “pot,” this is marijuana flower that has been trimmed, dried slowly, weighed and packaged for sale. You do not smoke the leaves.

Flower is the seed bearing part of the female marijuana plant. When grown without male plants present, the female bud isn’t fertilized and no seeds will be formed. These buds are known as sensimilla (Spanish for “without seeds”) and have a much richer THC content than buds containing seeds.

Flowers are ideal for those new to medicating with marijuana as they require a minimum of preparation and are easy to get the desired dosage. You can simply crumble flowers and smoke from your favorite pipe (or dry herb vape pen), or roll them up in smoking papers to make a “joint.” You may also choose to cook with your flowers, though this isn’t recommended for those who are new to cannabis. Smoking marijuana is the preferred method for many patients as it’s easy to self-regulate through inhalation and the effects are felt within seconds.

What Flower Strain Do I Need?

That depends on your conditions. There are two general strains of cannabis flower:

  • Indica flowers are known for providing a heavy “body high” and are recommended for relaxation and pain relief.
  • Sativa flowers are more invigorating and uplifting, making them ideal for treating depression and for medicating during the day.

There are also countless hybrid strains of flower with varying levels of effects and flavors.

While choosing a strain to smoke can seem overwhelming at first, with trial and experimentation you’ll soon get a sense of what strains work best for your preferences and your medical conditions. Beginners and more experienced smokers alike will find it helpful to discuss their needs with our staff while choosing a strain to purchase.

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