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Rev Clinics New Year’s Stash Bash Giveaway

Rev Clinics New Year’s Stash Bash Giveaway

Enter your information below for a chance to win one of our Stash Bash Giveaway Bundles! Each bundle is $5 for the entire prize. The stream will begin at 8PM and is available to watch on our YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook channels! The winners will be announced during Bobby Bangers set. Bobby’s set will be airing on Twitch ONLY. 

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Prize Bundles Include:

  • 1 100mg Fruit Chew Tin
  • 1 Rev Clinics 1/8 of your choice
  • 1 $25 Pipe
  • 1 X-Trates Vape Cartridge of your choice
  • 1 Vape Battery

* Restrictions apply. You must be over 21 to enter, must be a MA MMJ Patient. Must pick up prize, we cannot mail prize. Rev Clinics employees are excluded from winning. NOTHING FOR SALE. No purchase necessary. Must be subscribed to our Twitch channel.

10 Responses

  1. You guys are the best especially throughout this pandemic making sure that all your patients get their medication when needed and I just wanted to thank you for that

    1. Revolutionary is one of my happy places, which is definately needed these days. Thank you for the best deals and always an enjoyable experience!!!!!

  2. Huge thanks to all RevClinics staff for being AWESOME and helping us all stay sane during these crazy times! You guys are dope–literally !!! Not all heroes wear capes :’)

    1. Thank you, we appreciate all of our patients so much! Tonight’s Stash Bash is for sure going to be one for the books. We hope you enjoy what we have put together.

  3. Moved to cambridge during the pandemic and visiting the amazing staff at rev every week has been one of my only forms of contact. What a fun, happy, and intelligent environment. Anyway, I recommend y’all to anyone who asks. Stay great

    1. Thank so much and we are so glad you have found us! We appreciate the opportunity to provide you an environment you feel comfortable. Enjoy the Stash Bash!

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