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Revolutionary Clinics Statement on Court Filing

Revolutionary Clinics Statement on Court Filing

Revolutionary Clinics; Shared Values for a Shared Neighborhood

Hey neighbor, what some of you might not know is that Revolutionary Clinics is a locally owned and operated organization. You may know us from our medical marijuana locations on Fawcett Street and soon to be on Mass Ave in Central Square. We entered into the Medical Cannabis Industry early and invested significantly to open a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Fitchburg along with medical dispensaries in Cambridge and Somerville. Our business has, and continues to be, focused on serving patients. But as the industry and state moved toward adult use in 2016, it was clear that our business models would have to adapt in order to survive in the changing landscape. As the state moved forward, they too recognized the significant investments of the early medical operators and made provisions in state law and through regulation that allowed for medical dispensaries to establish outlets for both medical and recreational clients.

Our values are rooted in our vision for shared community:
• We value our patients and will continue to keep them as our priority as we expand into adult use.
• We believe in shared opportunity for all in our community and DO NOT want to prevent OR slow down any adult use dispensary from opening – whether Economic Empowerment or otherwise.
• We encourage the City of Cambridge to establish funding to help expedite and support Economic Empowerment businesses to open in our community.
• We support the communities we operate in and hope to continue to contribute to the vibrancy of our business and neighborhood districts.
• We feel strongly that our rights to operate in the adult use cannabis industry should be protected.

Our shared values are to work toward a shared vision for a united Cambridge.


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