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Revolutionary People | Jasmine Carter, Central Square Assistant General Manager

Revolutionary People | Jasmine Carter, Central Square Assistant General Manager

Central Square is known for its funky vibe and thriving arts scene so it’s appropriate that we dedicate this edition of Revolutionary People to an incredibly creative member of our Central Square dispensary team. Known to all of us as “Jazzy” or “Jaz”, Jasmine Carter joined Revolutionary Clinics two years ago as a Patient Advocate in our Somerville dispensary.

We prize flexibility at Rev, and Jazzy showed us that she has plenty of it when she moved seamlessly to our Fresh Pond dispensary when we needed her talents there. When we were able to move forward with our plans to open a third location in Central Square, Jazzy was a natural choice for the Assistant General Manager role. Today, she’s responsible for daily operations and making sure our retail team has all the tools they need to take care of our patients. Jazzy’s extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service skills make her an invaluable resource to our Central Square team. From answering technical questions about our products to coaching our Patient Advocates on how to ask our patients productive questions and how to truly listen to their answers, Jazzy is a respected co-worker and a friend we all count on.

Like a lot of our front line employees, Jazzy majored in Psychology which helps her to quickly connect with our patients and staff alike. Her knowledge of cannabis comes from her own research and personal experience. “Cannabis has always been used in my family,” she explains. “About 7 years ago, I truly saw how medicinal it is when the miracle plant shone its light and helped me through a very dark depression.” Depression and anxiety are two of the most frequently cited reasons why patients come to Rev Clinics. Rounding out the top three is chronic pain relief and unfortunately, Jazzy has recent experience with that condition as well. “Recently, cannabis has helped me manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are so many symptoms within just those two illnesses that cannabis alleviates. I could honestly say cannabis saved my life!”

Jazzy understands the vicious circle of insomnia and lack of appetite from depression and their impact on a person’s mental mood and physical condition. Her personal struggles have provided her with a level of empathy you just can’t teach. She truly knows how it feels to finally have a good night’s sleep thanks to an edible and how smoking a sativa strain can provide a burst of energy when you’re having trouble getting motivated.

In addition to cannabis, Jazzy has also found strength and relief through painting. “In my art, I aim to provoke some sort of emotion/feeling and healing,” she says. “Each art piece tells a story and comes from a place of pain, healing or a combination of the two. Rev has helped me foster a place to display my work and inspire those who can oftentimes relate to the pain or healing that I aim to convey through my pieces.” The time lapse video above shows one of the walls of our Fawcett Street location being completely transformed by Jazzy’s artistic talent. Some of Jazzy’s colorful pieces hang on the walls of our Central Square dispensary and help us fit right in with the lively and energizing community that surrounds us.

In these posts, we usually like to ask our employees about the most common misconception about cannabis that they have to debunk. “The biggest misconception I’ve had to talk new patients through is that THC is a cannabinoid to stay away from,” she explains. “Many new patients come in asking for straight CBD products and while straight CBD has its benefits, when it comes to relieving pain, THC plays an important role as well. If you have an open mind and start low and slow, we can help you find true healing.”

“Finding true healing”. At Rev Clinics, that’s the reason we got into this business and the inspiration behind everything we do. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jazzy and seeing her remarkable artwork. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece, please contact Jazzy directly at Ladyshokiart@gmail.com. To nominate a Rev Clinics employee for our next edition of Revolutionary People, please fill out the form on our website!

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  1. Congratulations on your excellent choice of Jazzy as a featured exceptional team member.
    Jazz has been my hands down favorite for the last year.
    Nice going Rev. You know how to pick em!
    Jazz, thanks for being there for me and countless others.
    You are appreciated lady.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and praise towards Jazzy! She truly is Revolutionary! We appreciate you taking the time out to share with us!

  2. Jazzy love to finally meet the face behind that beautiful painting at the entrance of Fresh pond dispensary. It is so bright and happy. I am a person that truly believes that just color can really impact our mood. That painting evokes happiness for me. you can’t help it but smile when you see it. It is warm, cozy, just positive vibes. Thanks. Congratulations. Great job!

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