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Stash Bash Giveaway!

Stash Bash Giveaway!

The Stash Bash Giveaway is now CLOSED. Check out the Virtual Stash Bash Here.

Prizes Include:

  • $1 100mg Chocolate Bar
  • $1 100mg Fruit Chew Tin
  • $1 Eighth (Guest Products are not eligible)
  • $1 Vape Cartridge (Guest Products are not eligible)
  • FREE Certification or Re-Certification from MedWell Health

248 Responses

      1. by far the BEST dispensary in the local area. willing to wait in any line if it means i’m getting products from Rev. the staff is the best too! thanks for all the hard work you guys do 🙂

  1. Love rev clinics!!!!! You guys have made my condition a lot more liveable! Thank you!!! I hope to win good luck to everyone!

      1. Thank you when will we know the winners? I enjoyed the premiere!!!! The music at the end was awesome! I loved the nurses story it sounds just like me!!!

        1. The winners were emailed. We cannot publicly announce names due to HIPAA laws. Thank you for tuning in and keep an eye out for the next virtual stash bash.

    1. I’ve been shopping with revclinics for so long. Love the staff, art, diversity as well as the thoughtful community partnerships.

  2. Rev Clinics has been a Blessing to me I’m a US Veteran and seek alternative to prescription meds that have so many side effects unlike my cannabis consumption extremely helpful with my disabilities a Godsend hats off for supporting and helping my Veteran brothers 🙏🏾

    1. THank you so much for sharing with us Joseph. We are so glad to have lent a hand in your cannabis journey. Thank you for your service. We hope you enjoy the premiere.