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Ways to Consume Cannabis Flower, Concentrates & Edibles

Ways to Consume Cannabis Flower, Concentrates & Edibles


Understanding the Different Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

With all of the ways to consume medical marijuana, it may be difficult to understand them all, especially if you’re new to consuming cannabis. Here is a brief list of the many methods for patients to medicate with cannabis in Massachusetts.

How to Medicate with Marijuana Flower

Smoking tends to be the preferred method for ingesting cannabis as it works quickly and is relatively easy to do. There are countless ways of smoking cannabis bud, but the most common are:


One-hitters, steamrollers, chillums, glass blunts, Sherlocks and spoons are just some of the styles of pipes cannabis can be consumed with.

Water Pipes

Bongs, bubblers, recyclers or any style that uses water to filter the smoke before inhalation are called water pipes.

Marijuana Cigarette (aka Joint)

You can make your own using a grinder, rolling papers and a lot of practice or you can purchase pre-rolls and skip all the work.

Vaporizing flower is growing rapidly in popularity as smoking tends to be harsher on the lungs and medical marijuana patients seek out an alternative. Vaping can be done with a desktop vaporizer, but portable dry herb vaporizers are more convenient and very easy to use.

How to Medicate with Marijuana Concentrate

Marijuana concentrates are an extremely popular way to consume cannabis. The dab rig is one of the methods of medicating with cannabis oils. “Dabbing” is done by using a butane torch to heat up the “nail” on a bubbler. When the nail is hot, the oil is touched to the nail with a glass or titanium tool. The oil instantly sublimates to a gas and is inhaled after passing through a water filter.

Far more convenient for mobility is the portable wax vaporizer or wax pen. These devices fit into your pocket and typically run on rechargeable batteries. And for those who want something in-between, a dipstick is a small, pen-sized device that is either heated with a flame or with an electronic coil.


How to Medicate with Marijuana Edibles

Like the name says, MMJ edibles are enjoyed through eating or swallowing-no smoking or vaping required. There’s a whole assortment of edibles available with various flavors, forms and ingredients to suit everyone’s taste and dietary restrictions. For a no-nonsense approach to edibles, we offer CBD and THC capsules that can be swallowed as easily as a vitamin supplement. You can also make your own medicated edibles at home with one of our botanical extractors and some fresh butter.

Edibles should be approached carefully, as it’s easy to consume more than you intend before you even feel the effects.


How to Medicate with Topicals

Cannabis topicals can be divided into two categories: Those that are rubbed onto the skin where they alleviate skin nerve and muscle ailments, and transdermal patches, which slowly release cannabinoids into the bloodstream over a long period. Transdermal patches can be applied to any area of the body, but they work best on an area where veins are close to the surface like the wrist, armpit or top of your feet.

Visit Revolutionary Clinics in Boston for All of Your Medical Marijuana Needs

So how do you choose the cannabis consumption method that’s best for you? There are too many factors to list here, but Revolutionary Clinics can help. Come into our dispensary at 67 Broadway in Somerville, MA and talk to our staff about your medical marijuana needs. They will be happy to help you decide how to medicate, how to set up medical marijuana delivery to your home and how to save money with our regular deals and specials.


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