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What Are Cannabis Topicals Good For?

What Are Cannabis Topicals Good For?

According to our staff, one of the biggest misconceptions about medical marijuana most new patients have is that smoking is the only way to consume it. These patients may have had a friend of a friend who knew a guy who baked pot brownies back in the day, but they’re usually shocked to learn about things like cannabis chocolate bars, fruit chews and hazel nut spread. Edibles are popular with people who want nothing to do with smoking but the widest eyes we’ve seen are on patients after they learn about cannabis rubs, patches and massage oils. Collectively known as topicals, these products are a popular choice for patients who are coping with issues such as chronic pain, arthritis, psoriasis and lesions.

In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of cannabis topicals, how our patients are using them and why you may want to give them a try.

Cannabis topicals are non-intoxicating

At Revolutionary Clinics, we carry cannabis topicals that contain high concentrations of THC (the psychoactive compound within marijuana plants) as well as cannabis topicals that contain high concentrations of CBD (the non-intoxicating compound found in marijuana and hemp plants). Whichever product you choose, you will not get high. The reason for this is that in order to reach the brain, THC must be absorbed into the blood stream. When you apply a cannabis topical to your skin, that’s where the compounds remain.

Cannabis topicals will not cause you to fail a drug test

Since cannabis topicals can’t get you high, it makes sense that they won’t result in a positive drug test but it’s worth repeating. Again, this is because the THC in cannabis topicals are absorbed into your skin and never reach your digestive system or your blood stream.

Cannabis topicals are discreet

No smoke or vape clouds, no odors, no pungent aromas that draw the attention/judgment of neighbors, friends or co-workers – when it comes to stealth and preserving your privacy, no products are more discreet than cannabis topicals.

Cannabis topicals are safe

Cannabis topicals are popular choices for parents and grandparents who don’t want to smoke in front of kids and don’t want to use edibles that can get into the hands and mouths of small children.

Cannabis topicals are great for pain relief

After you apply a cannabis topical, the CBD or THC within it bonds with the CB2 receptors within your skin. This is how the pain relieving magic happens and why topicals are so good for relieving muscle pain. You can use products like massage oils and balms just like over the counter sports cream rubs. Work the product in wherever you’re experiencing pain and let the healing begin.

Important note: Topicals have limits. If you’re experiencing intense pain, chronic pain, or pain in your joints, a tincture will be more effective since the THC or CBD within it will enter your blood stream. Some of our patients have found topicals to be an effective treatment for arthritis but in our experience, tinctures are better. As Patient Advocate Andrew Elk explains: “Topicals are a safe starting place for anyone who is curious about how cannabis can provide bodily comfort throughout the day without getting high.” For massage oils and balms, you’ll likely need to reapply throughout the day so if you’re seeking a more sustained effect, choose a patch instead.

Cannabis topicals calm skin conditions

The same anti-inflammatory properties that give cannabis topicals the ability to soothe sore muscles have the same effect on conditions such as acne, psoriasis, sores or lesions. They’re great for encouraging healing at the surface level of the skin.

If you’re tired of the smell of over the counter sports rubs or you’re seeking a natural alternative to their muscle soothing effects, we’d love to talk to you about cannabis topicals and help you determine if they’re a good option for you. Give us a call at 617-213-6006 to learn more.

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