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What medical marijuana prerolls are and why they may be right for you

What medical marijuana prerolls are and why they may be right for you

When medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts it made it possible for dispensaries like Revolutionary Clinics to sell edibles and topicals that had never been available before. As much as patients of all ages and levels of experience appreciate these products, believe it or not, flower has been our most popular medical marijuana product since Day 1. The primary reason for this is speed – inhaling medical marijuana vapor is the fastest way to feel the effects. And for new patients who have never smoked before, the easiest and most cost-effective way to give medical marijuana a try is the good old-fashioned joint.

Just like the quality of medical marijuana itself, joints have come a long way since the old days when you had to rely on a talented friend with a stash and a pack of rolling papers. As you can see in the photo above, pre-rolls are more convenient, cleaner and much more efficient than rolling your own.

All Revolutionary Clinics pre-rolls feature hemp and rice papers that burn smoother than traditional rolling papers made from wood pulp. At the tip of each pre-roll where you would typically see a filter in a regular cigarette, you’ll find the “crutch”. A crutch can be made of folded hemp paper, wood pulp or even glass and serves two purposes – 1) a crutch catches physical particulate and prevents it from getting in your mouth. 2)  a crutch puts some distance between your lips and your smoking material so you don’t get burned and you don’t waste any product.

Here are some key advantages of medical marijuana pre-rolls:

Medical marijuana pre-rolls are convenient

Rolling your own joint can be time consuming and messy at best and extremely wasteful at worst. As Patient Advocate Andrew Elk explains: “A pre-roll takes all the labor and skill out of making your own joints.” There’s no need to worry about rolling a joint that falls apart as you’re trying to smoke it or doesn’t burn properly. There’s also a comfort factor to consider. “For some of my older patients who haven’t smoked marijuana since high school, a joint is familiar. Beginners also like pre-rolls because as long as they have a lighter, they can walk into the dispensary, walk out with a pre-roll and they’re good to go. Pre-rolls are also great for experienced users who want to try a new strain without having a significant impact on their 60-day allotment.

Medical marijuana pre-rolls are cost-efficient

At Revolutionary Clinics, we sell one gram pre-rolls in a variety of strains for the same price as a gram of flower. In addition to the labor savings Andrew described in the last paragraph, buying pre-rolls also saves you the expense of purchasing a grinder that transforms the raw flower into coarse material that burns best. Medical marijuana pre-rolls are also significantly less expensive than pipes, bongs and vaporizers, some of which can cost hundreds of dollars. There are plenty of reasons why those products justify the extra money, but if you’re operating on a tight budget, pre-rolls are the way to go. For even greater cost savings, we also sell single strain one gram Ace Weidman’s Pre-roll 5-packs and we’re excited to be adding half gram Pre-roll 13-packs to the menus of all our dispensaries soon.

Medical marijuana pre-rolls are high quality

The internet has some unflattering things to say about some pre-rolls being made with shake (trimming remnants from clipped flowers)  or inferior grade flower. At Revolutionary Clinics, the production team at our lab in Fitchburg, MA uses cones and crutches by RAW whose products exceed our strict standards for quality and consistency. We then fill those cones with premium coarse ground whole flower– no shake EVER. We’re every bit as proud of the Ace Wiedman’s 5-packs we carry in our dispensaries. These pre-rolls are made with high quality flower derived from ”pop-corn buds” that aren’t quite big enough to be sold as premium flower. You won’t find any shake in an Ace Wiedman’s pre-roll, either.

In fact, the only thing we use shake for is the production of concentrates. By itself the low/inconsistent THC test percentages of shake are the reason why it is inferior product. When combined with a total of five pounds of ground up, decarboxylated cannabis and run through our extraction machine, shake becomes a small part of a superior product. Check it out in the video below!

We’d love to hear about your experiences with pre-rolls. Be sure to like Revolutionary Clinics on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or Instagram to share your opinions with us. Whether you’re just discovering cannabis as medicine for the first time or you’d like to see what a different strain can do for you, our Patient Advocates look forward to helping you find the perfect pre-roll (or flower) for you.  Give us a call at 617-213-6006.

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