Our Somerville location is now serving both Adult-Use (21+) and Medical customers!

For Adult-Use, please use our “Somerville Rec” menu to place an order online for pick-up and use the entrance to the left, under the “Rev Cannabis” sign!

Why RevClinics

Welcome to Revolutionary Clinics

Take a look around. Make yourself at home. It’s our mission to make your cannabis experience as relaxing, safe and enjoyable as possible. We know that you come to Revolutionary Clinics not just to make a transaction, but also to make a connection. With the highest quality medical marijuana products, of course. But also with your favorite patient advocate, your fellow customers and the cannabis community as a whole. Quality and Community. It’s why we’re here. And why you should be here too.


Our grow facility, located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is home to some of the happiest marijuana plants you could ever imagine. Pampered from seed to flower, every plant is cultivated and nurtured using the most state-of-the-art equipment and the most talented, creative growers.


This process of removing larger fan leaves helps light penetrate to the nug sites below. Performed by hand, it is a sensitive process — pull off too many leaves too soon and the plants can go into shock which affects yield and quality.


Mother plants are carefully pruned to allow maximum penetration of light and airflow through the canopy in order to channel energy to potential clones. A well-tended mother will provide up to 150 healthy clones. All of our mothers are started from seed and then “pheno-hunted” to identify which mothers will produce the finest flower.


Last but not least, every Rev Clinics bud is trimmed by hand (called manicuring) to remove the tiny sugar leaves that can compromise the smell and taste of the flower. This has the added benefit of exposing more of the trichomes, which results in a final product with higher THC levels and a higher quality product overall.


Growing high-quality flower is only the beginning. You also have to dry it with equal care. After harvesting, our plants are individually hung in our climate-controlled drying facility for approximately 10 days. Sectioning the hanging plants allows for maximum airflow, which prevents the adverse effects of micro-climates.


These little babies were nurtured from especially high THC strains that we sourced from some of the best breeders in the country. As the seedlings mature we weed out the males (sorry guys) because they cause cross-pollicization with the females, which could produce hermaphrodites, crossbreeds and seeds in your buds.


Located in a historic shoe factory in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Revolutionary Farms is the largest and most high-tech grow facility in the state. The site’s geothermal water-cooled LED lights make us more environmentally efficient, and its perma-therm walls prevent mold, mildew and other contaminants from penetrating our grow pods.


Revolutionary Clinics medical marijuana dispensaries are not just places to buy cannabis. They are thriving communities full of friends, advice and highly trained patient advocates who pride themselves on connecting you to the products and delivery methods that help you get the most out of your ongoing cannabis experience.

Every Revolutionary Clinics dispensary is located with convenience and comfort in mind. From spacious lounge areas to plenty of free parking, we make it easy for you to feel better without feeling stressed. (view locations)

We offer a great line of products that help you get the effect you’re looking for. From edibles made at our kitchen in Fitchburg to tinctures made in our own processing lab, there’s always something new. Check out our family of brands here.

The harvest is in! Few things get our Patient Advocates more excited than new product or accessories.

Connecting with the products you need starts with a special connection with a Revolutionary Clinics Patient Advocate. They get to know you as well as they know our products.

Cannabis is personal. That’s why we specialize in one-on-one consultations. Our dispensaries also feature designated areas where you and a Patient Advocate can discuss your needs in privacy and comfort.
Paraphernalia? We got that. Grinders, pipes, bongs, dabbing rigs, Vape batteries. We have a wide variety of delivery methods that we not only sell to you, but also show you how to use them.
Laid-back but buttoned up, every Revolutionary Clinics dispensary is a welcoming environment that lets you move at your own pace while finding the cannabis products that are right for you.

Each of our dispensaries features comfortable seating areas for consultations, conversations, classes — or just a place to hang out and peruse the menu.