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10 Great Cannabis Industry Jobs and How to Land Them

10 Great Cannabis Industry Jobs and How to Land Them

Whether you’re looking for your first job or you’re craving meaningful work you can be proud of after years of paying your dues, the cannabis industry has opened up a wide range of career opportunities. Thanks to our consistent growth and our policy of promoting from within, we at Revolutionary Clinics are always looking to connect with hard-working people who share our passion for helping people live happier, more satisfying lives.

If you’re thinking about a career in the cannabis industry, here are 9 positions with excellent growth opportunities at our medical marijuana dispensaries.

General Manager
Caring for our patients is Priority 1 but Revolutionary Clinics is still a business. Like any business, we have processes to follow, responsibilities to fulfill and goals to achieve. Making sure all of those things happen is the demanding job of our General Managers. GMs make all the hiring decisions in their dispensaries and are also responsible for scheduling and training. As the “face” of their dispensary, GMs are heavily involved with our patients both on a friendly/supportive basis and in helping them develop and refine their treatment plans. As always, we like to promote our GMs from within, but some of our most successful GM’s have come from retail where their proven ability to make employees and customers alike feel special helps them excel.

Patient Advocate
So much more than Customer Service Representatives or Sales Associates, our Patient Advocates are problem solvers, counselors and friends. After listening to a patient’s current challenges, past efforts to ease them, treatment goals and personal concerns, Patient Advocates recommend a product and a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Patient Advocates form long-term relationships to ensure every patient stays on track and achieves the results they’re seeking. Some of our most successful Patient Advocates have completed post graduate education in counseling or have social work experience. Others have applied their retail sales or customer service experience and learned how take them to the next level.  If you have a general understanding of cannabis and a genuine desire to help people, we can give you the skills and knowledge you need to thrive. Since Revolutionary Clinics is open seven days a week, you can expect you services to be required at night, on weekends and some holidays. Your manager will strive for fairness in scheduling but one thing you’ll learn about us is the needs of our patients always come before our own.

If you’d like to be a Patient Advocate but you don’t have the knowledge or work history to qualify, joining one of our dispensaries as a Receptionist is a great place to start. As our patients’ first point of contact, you’ll learn all the policies and procedures of the medical marijuana industry while learning how to provide exceptional customer service. You’ll be relied upon to make our patients feel comfortable and appreciated while helping us maintain compliance with all legal regulations. This is critically important for our business so excellent attention to detail is every bit as important as a friendly, outgoing personality. You must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays while making the most of every opportunity to learn and grow.

Team Lead
Team Leads are Patient Advocates who are trusted to close the dispensary at the end of the day. Naming someone a Team Lead is Revolutionary Clinics way of recognizing outstanding performance and providing a springboard to more opportunity for those who want it.

Delivery Lead

In case you didn’t know already, Revolutionary Clinics offers cannabis product delivery to your door! Due to the high value of our products, we only deliver when our patients are home to accept their orders. This takes a lot of communication and coordination that is handled by our Delivery Lead. Once again, attention to detail is critical in this role. Those who prove themselves worthy of handling all the logistical responsibilities while professionally addressing all customer questions and last minute changes will have opportunities to advance.

Assistant General Manager

When a Team Lead expresses an interest in taking the next step in his or her career, we do everything we can to support that person’s ambitions. A promotion to Assistant General Manager is an opportunity to learn all of the essential duties of a General Manager in a supportive, hands-on manner.  We Team Leads to this role whenever possible but we also welcome applications from people with retail or healthcare management experience to apply whenever we have a need.

Training Manager

While GM’s are ultimately responsible for making sure their Patient Advocates understand all the features and benefits of our products, they are not alone in fulfilling that critical function. Our Training Manager makes regular visits to each dispensary to spend time with our Patient Advocates in both classroom and 1 on 1 training sessions. In these sessions, the Training Manager covers everything from how to talk to patients to what terpenes are and how they impact the cannabis experience. Being a Training Manager is a cool job, with a difficult path to entry. You have to be a rock star Patient Advocate with the drive and dedication to stay current on all the latest products, trends, laws and issues in the ever-changing cannabis industry.

Community Relations Manager

At Revolutionary Clinics, we believe that trust is something every single one of us has to earn every day. That’s especially true in the cannabis industry where we constantly have to rise above the negative stigma of marijuana. Things have gotten a lot better but there’s still a lot of education and outreach to be done. So much so, we created a special Community Relations Manager position to help us do just that. This important role supports our General Managers, our Marketing Manager and our ownership in making sure we’re doing everything we can to be good neighbors. From organizing fundraisers for worthy local causes to making sure every question from the community receives a quick and courteous answer, our Community Relations Manager is our top goodwill ambassador.

Marketing Manager

As a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card holder, you have choices for where you purchase your medicine. Our Marketing Manager’s job is to make sure every card holder in the Boston area knows about Revolutionary Clinics and are motivated to do business with us.  We’ll be doing a Revolutionary People profile on our Marketing Manager in a future blog post but for now, we’ll tell you that this person handles anything and everything that provides us with an opportunity to communicate with our patients and connect with new patients. To succeed as a Marketing Manager, you need to understand sales, public relations, events and digital marketing while having the ability to quickly respond to changing inventory levels and regulations.

Fulfillment Coordinators

Have you ever wondered how all of our product gets to our dispensaries? This important position has a lot to do with it by ensuring everything that’s shipped to us from our own production facility in Fitchburg as well as all of our vendors gets where it needs to go. Succeeding as a Fulfillment Coordinator takes a lot of attention to detail and a positive attitude to keep up with the fast pace and urgency with which we run our business. Many of our products have shelf lives so we want to be sure they spend as little time in transit as possible. Our team of Fulfillment Coordinators literally makes Revolutionary Clinics run.

Now that you know about some of the key jobs in our medical marijuana dispensaries, let’s talk about how you go about landing one. First, be sure to check our Careers page to find out if there are any open positions and submit an online application. If we’re not recruiting for a position that matches your qualifications, don’t be discouraged. The next time you’re at one of our dispensaries, let your Patient Advocate know that you’re interested in joining our team so we can give you some advice on things you can be doing now to acquire the skills you’ll need when a position becomes available. You can also look to connect with us and other cannabis businesses at events throughout the state. If you have any questions about how to find a job in the cannabis industry, leave us a comment or give us a call at 617-213-6006!



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