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A 2022 Overview of Massachusetts Pot Laws

A 2022 Overview of Massachusetts Pot Laws

Cannabis is legal in Massachusetts for both recreational and medicinal purposes. But the specific regulations surrounding Massachusetts pot laws are complex, and laws have been modified since they were passed a few years ago. 


The beginning of cannabis legalization in Massachusetts was in 2012 when voters passed Question 3 (also known as the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative). Four years later, Question 4 legalized recreational use for adults over the age of 21. Because the new pot laws in Massachusetts differ for medical patients versus recreational users, conscientious consumers need to know the difference.


Weed in Massachusetts: The Basics


To understand today’s Massachusetts cannabis laws, it’s important to clear up the most recent updates to pot regulations in the Commonwealth. Let’s take a look at the basics for Massachusetts weed use and purchase in 2022, as well as the ways in which laws have changed over the years. 


  • Purchasing medical weed requires a valid medical marijuana ID, which is your Patient Registration Card. Getting an MMJ card through the Cannabis Control Commission is free of purchase, and costs $10 to replace (although patients will have to pay for their appointment with a licensed cannabis clinician to complete registration). Adults over 18 years of age can purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary with an MMJ card. Children under 18 can also be medical cannabis patients, in which case an adult caregiver purchases on their behalf. Adults must be 21 years of age to purchase recreational weed, and all you need is a valid government ID to confirm your age.


  • Maximum quantities of cannabis are different for recreational and medical sales. Recreational marijuana can be purchased at a maximum of one ounce of flower, five grams of concentrate, or 5mg of THC in edible form. If you’re purchasing medical marijuana with an MMJ card, quantity limits are much less strict — a 60-day medical supply can yield up to 10 ounces of flower, and edibles can have as much THC as a patient’s equivalent flower allotment.


  • Possession laws allow no more than 10 ounces of possession in a private residence and no more than one ounce in public. Concentrate possession is limited to 1.5 ounces at home and 1 ounce in public for recreational users, while MMJ patients can possess however much concentrate their 60-day supply allows. No one is allowed to drive under the influence of weed, or possess an open container of cannabis or cannabis products in a vehicle. 


  • Cultivation is only allowed for small amounts of weed, in a private home. If you’re over 21, you can cultivate up to six cannabis plants out of the sight of the public, with security measures in place around the plants. Massachusetts marijuana growing laws prevent the cultivation of more than 12 plants per residence.


Changes to the cannabis industry as of 2022


2022 marks the first time in Massachusetts history that cannabis tax revenue has exceeded alcohol tax revenue. The state has collected over $74 million dollars in the first half of the most recent fiscal year from excise taxes alone. State taxes are set at 17% for recreational use — coming out to 10.75% for excise taxes, and 6.25% for sales taxes. It’s important to note that MMJ card users are not charged sales tax. 


The benefits of tax revenue from the cannabis industry are becoming clear across the Commonwealth. As a result, local townships are constantly modifying the local taxes on recreational Massachusetts cannabis laws. Towns can collect up to 3% in taxes, which go towards the town government, and new tax laws are passed every year by town councils. With towns cashing in on the growing pot industry, the grand total of taxes on recreational weed can reach upwards of 20%. 


Taxes aren’t the only way in which the weed industry has changed in recent years. Dispensaries and weed businesses like Rev have begun to advance initiatives that foster true socioeconomic change through the cannabis industry. This past year, Rev continued to support many CSR initiatives that seek to bridge opportunity gaps, increase equity among cannabis vendors, and promote economic empowerment all throughout the Boston area.


The future of weed at Rev


As the cannabis industry continues to grow and change, the laws accompanying legal pot in Massachusetts will continue to transform as well. Rev is dedicated to upholding the most recent cannabis laws and best practices to ensure our dispensary offers a safe, legal, and destigmatized experience to those partaking in the Mass weed industry. 


Along with following all Massachusetts regulations surrounding cannabis sales, Rev follows all COVID-19 protocols and CDC recommended security measures. For pickup and home delivery throughout the Greater Boston area, order online today!

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