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Facts About Cannabis Every Man Needs to Know

Facts About Cannabis Every Man Needs to Know

From alleviating the symptoms of anxiety to reducing chronic pain, cannabis is a natural way to take control of your health and wellness. At Revolutionary Clinics, we’re 100% convinced that using cannabis regularly can make you healthier, happier and more productive but we’re also 100% transparent about the risks. Compared to the risks of addiction and overdose of pharmaceuticals and opioids, the risks and side effects of cannabis are minor, but we still need to talk about them so you can make an informed decision. Our friends at the Green Nurse Group share our commitment to honesty and transparency and we appreciate their willingness to share their medical expertise with us, both at events and presentations at our dispensaries and in blog posts like this.


Lower levels of cannabinoids can increase sperm count

According to an Oxford Academic study of 622 men, men who admitted to smoking marijuana had higher sperm concentration than men who had never smoked marijuana. While the sample size is small and opinions vary throughout the medical field, the pros at Green Nurse Group feel this fact is true and that’s good enough for us. We’re not saying that you should start using cannabis immediately if you’re ready to start a family but it’s a good thing to know as you evaluate all your options.

There is NO conclusive evidence that using cannabis leads to erectile dysfunction

Unlike tobacco and alcohol which have been proven to have a negative effect on erectile dysfunction, there is no scientific evidence to support the same argument for cannabis. That’s great for reasons that require no further elaboration.



Higher doses of cannabinoids may lower testosterone

Too much cannabis can lead to drowsiness and slower reaction time which could lead to a decreased desire for sex

Too much cannabis may cause some men to have difficulty reaching orgasm or reaching one in desired timeframe

Let’s unpack these three facts all at once. While cannabis itself has no direct link to erectile dysfunction, the fact that it can lower your testosterone levels is something to keep in mind. In addition to ED, decreased testosterone can cause irritability, low energy, weight-gain and sleep problems in men. We should also state that not all cannabis strains will result in drowsiness, in fact, sativa strains will have the opposite effect so that’s an important thing to talk about with your Patient Advocate.

What does all this mean for men?

These are some pretty heavy duty issues that most guys have a difficult time talking about. We’re also compelled to report that for the vast majority of our male patients, we only hear positive feedback about all the things cannabis does for them. The fact is, from bloating and gas from Calcium to nausea or heartburn from Vitamin C, there are side effects for virtually every supplement and medication known to man.

As always, our best advice is “start low and go slow”. It takes time to understand how your body reacts to cannabis so be sure to begin with low doses and maintain a journal of how much you took, when you took it and how it made you feel. The more thorough you are with your journaling, the better your Patient Advocate will be able to help you find the right wellness path for you and keep you moving forward.

If you’d like to discuss your specific questions and concerns about cannabis and men’s health with the experts at Green Nurse Group, please check our events calendar for their next scheduled appearance at our dispensaries. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at one of our dispensaries soon!

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